Monday, June 2, 2008

The Secret is in the Sauce

Big Giveaway goin' on over at The Secret is in the Sauce blog. Check it out!


The CDM said...

I'd be game if they'd give away the chick in the T-shirt, DIBS!!!

Tiffany said...

Your blog header makes me want to pack up and head to Texas!

Thank you so much for posting about SITS! You just got yourself and additional 2 contest entries!

Please check back regularly to support the blogger of the day with lots of comments. And, if you'd like to be featured, send us links to 3 of your best posts!

Rhea said...

Complaint Department Manager - I'm sure you could work something out with them. lol

Mrs. Romero - I will check back regularly, and I will try to figure out my three best posts, thanks!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Oh, figuring out my three best posts was so hard. I almost hung up my hat and said "I don't have three best posts!"

Jules said...

Thanks for the heads up!