Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This time of year, from Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year's, is an important time of year.
We're so busy and on the go;
partying, wrapping, contacting loved ones.

It's the time of year we send holiday cards to those who are dear to us.
The time of year we give gifts to those we love.
It's the time of year we enjoy life to the fullest with good food and parties.
A time to let go, have fun, and enjoy life to the fullest, while most worries are put on hold.

And it's important to take a moment during this time.

To appreciate what's important.

What IS important, Rhea?

Why, dear reader, I'm so glad you asked.

To me, what's important beyond all else, is family and friends

and figuring out my place in this world.

Helping my boys get a good start on their life,
and finding the way to make the most of mine.

Today is my moment to pause, to take stock of my life, to plan ahead, and to make decisions.

And I plan to take on the New Year head on.

with my family.
with my plan.

Bring it on, 2009, bring it on.

Tomorrow I will hit the "play" button with purpose.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Who's using Whom?

My boys have a five-year age difference,
which has its benefits and disadvantages.

For the longest time, they didn't fight.

They do now.

At 11 and 6 years old, they have power struggles, but are also good buddies.

I've noticed that my older son, Donny, thinks that Remy is his personal servant.
He attempts to bribe his little brother to run make him drinks or do other things.
I have to double-check to make sure they're being fair to each other.

I've shared with you how much we love this video game, right?
Well, we have to take equal turns playing.
And I noticed that Donny kept weaseling playtime out of Remy's turn.
And I grew concerned.
I don't want him taking advantage of his little brother.

Then I discovered that Remy was actually the one taking advantage.
He was using his big brother complete the hard parts of the game...
so he could enjoy his own turn better.

He's a smart little bugger.
I'm not as worried anymore.

At least, not about that.

I've got plenty else to worry about.

(don't miss yesterday's post of silly family antics in short video clips!)

Monday, December 29, 2008

It's OK to make fun of your relatives on the Internet, right?

If I go missing or undergo a "mysterious" accident, you know who did it.

It's the relatives in these short clips.

Relatives who may or may not have had a little too much holiday cheer...and are playing with a new iPhone that is supposed to recognize the tune and name that song if you hum or sing to it...

A theory that was tested over and over and over again.
Much to the delight of a certain blogger.

It's OK to make fun of your relatives on the Internet, right?

Sunday, December 28, 2008

A gift that keeps on giving.

We received a huge surprise for Christmas.

A huge plasma HDTV for our den.

Our previous television was around 15 years old and not holding up so well.

We were so shocked...and excited...and amazed.

It was love at first sight.

We couldn't resist putting it on the fireplace channel that played Christmas songs.

Funny thing is, my Remy, he gets just as much joy out of the BOX it came in.

I keep putting it in the garage...and he keeps getting it out.

That's ok, Remy, enjoy the box...until trash day.

Then it's gone for good.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Is it still Christmas?

It seems like I've been running behind constantly this holiday season.

Here's the photo that went into our Christmas card...
that I plan on mailing out today...or Monday...

Grab a camera & a critter, and join Camera Critters!

Camera Critters

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa just might be an Alien

Santa is so mysterious.

He works in strange ways.

How do we know he isn't really an ALIEN?!
He could have landed on our planet a while back and decided to stay.
Full of goodwill and desire to give to others.
A nice, saintly alien.
Here's why I suspect it.
He gave my boys this:

and this:

So, maybe, just maybe, he might be like this:

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Punks

If you're looking for further continuation of the Anna Mannequin story
(here are part 1 & part 2), I will have more on that soon,
but for now, here's some random jibber jabber and punk photos.

Not the usual SWEET Christmas photos. Just us having fun.

Remy making his infamous armpit farting noises.
That boys has SKILL.

And we finally had a Christmas photo session at my mom's house two nights ago.

Here are some of the photos we're NOT using.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Anna the Mannequin goes on a Quest

So, this story began with yesterday's post,
where we met Anna & saw her fall in love with Prince Sergei.

But, alas, their love did not seem meant to be,
because Sergei was only allowed out during the Christmas season.

Anna was determined to wait for him,
because he was her first love,
and he loved her for who she was.

But as she contemplated facing the entire year without him,
she realized it was too much.
She couldn't wait that long to be with Sergei.

So she sought out the circle of wise women to help her.

Anna wanted to turn into a nutcracker princess, so she could remain with her prince.

The wise women conferred around their fire and came to a conclusion.

Anna needed to seek out the Supreme Rojo.
But, first, she had to deliver an Orb of Truth to the Icicle Pond of Clarity

And poof, a golden orb appeared in their fire.

The wise women also told Anna that she would have a Happiness Companion to guide her way.

She tucked the orb into her pocket and set off, following a map,
and soon met her Happiness guide,
a yellow lab named Bliss.

Bliss and Anna continued on their way until they ran into the Talkative Tortoise.
He wanted their golden Truth Orb, so he tried to talk them out of it.

He said, "In order to pass by me, you must answer this:

I was once a mannequin like you, but I fell in love with a tortoise, so I petitioned the Supreme Rojo to change my shape. He did, but soon after my love left me & know I'm stuck in this form.
Should I petition to be changed back?
Or should I remain the way I am?"

Anna thought about this for a while, then said, "You know what, Mr. Tortoise, it doesn't matter what form you have, its what inside that matters most. When you find someone who loves you no matter what, then that's what is most important, just like my Sergei."

The tortoise started crying and said, "I hope I find someone like your Sergei. Good luck, Anna, on your quest."

Not long after this, Anna started to hear beautiful music coming from the path ahead.

The music of angels. She couldn't help it. She had to dance. She was filled with joy and happiness.

The angels asked her to stay with them, to become one of them. To dance and make music forever.

Anna almost said yes, but she saw Bliss, her guide dog waiting paitently for her, and she remembered why she was on this quest.

"Thank you, beautiful angels, but I must decline. I'm off to find out how to stay with my Sergei forever."

The angels disappeared in a cloud of sparkles.

And in their spot was the Icicle Pond of Clarity.

She delicately placed her Golden Orb of Truth into the pond.

And wondered why she had to deliver the orb in the first place and what was the point of all of this?

And then she heard a mighty roar, and a huge dragon appeared.

Anna screamed and started to run away, but she saw Bliss wasn't moving, so she stopped.

The dragon said, "Who are you and what do you want?"

Anna replied, "I'm Anna Mannequin, and I'm searching for the Supreme Rojo so I can ask him to turn me in to a nutcracker princess so I can remain with my one true love Sergei forever."

The dragon snorted.

and turned into...

The Surpreme Rojo.

He smiled at Anna and thanked her for returning the golden orb to the Icicle Pond.

And she in turn implored him to change her into a nutcracker princess.

And his reply be continued tomorrow.

Should he turn her into a Nutcracker Princess so she can remain with Prince Sergei forever?

Or should he deny her this chance at true love?

Or should he send her on a further quest to test her and make sure this is what she really wants?

Monday, December 22, 2008

A Tale of Star-Crossed Love; An exercise in creativity produced from boredom

There once was a young mannequin named Anna who was happy and content with her life.

She loved to stretch and dance.
And dance and stretch.

She never worried about her hair or clothes,
or even a face for that matter.

Anna lived in the moment.
She was one with herself.

She was happy and content with her life.

Until she caught a glimpse of Holiday Barbie 2008.
and realized what she was missing.

After that Anna couldn't bear to be seen, so she put a mask on her head.
But it didn't hide her pain.

She thought she'd never be happy again.

Until she met Sergei, a Russian Nutcracker Prince.
They fell in love.

Sergei loved Anna just the way she was.

But he had to tell her that he was only going to be around for a few weeks.
And she was devastated.

These star-crossed lovers are enjoying their time together while they can.

And Anna is patient.

She can wait til next year when Sergei comes around again.