Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Epic Battle of the Orange Sweatshirt

Sunday's Epic Battle with Remy was ...
over a sweatshirt.

Which I insisted he bring to his 1 1/2 hour outdoor batting practice in 40 degree weather.

I rushed home from work to attend his school Open House.
Then we rushed home to change clothes
and leave for his batting practice.

We loaded into the car and took off.
One block later, I realized he was in a t-shirt and shorts.
And it was COLD.
So, I turned around and went back home,
and made him run inside to get a sweatshirt.

He freaked out.
He didn't NEED the sweatshirt.
He didn't want to be late.
He hated me.
I was the worst mom ever

He ended up wearing it the entire practice.

Why does he fight me?
When I'm so clearly right?

After the practice, I got him to admit he was wrong.
and that I was right.
that he was GLAD he had his sweatshirt. 

Call me ridiculous, but I savored that moment
That moment of pure motherhood bliss.