Friday, June 13, 2008

The scanner ate my picture and other blogging excuses

Don't forget I have a giveaway! The deadline for entries is midnight Saturday night (Texas time). The rules are in a post below. Read em, join in and maybe win the prize!!

I had a brilliant idea for a post tonight. Two brilliant, fantabulous, amazingly creative and innovative post ideas, but you aren't going to be able to read them. Why? Because the scanner ate my photo.

So, you say, do the post without photos.

Not possible my friend. I can't post without photos to illustrate my story. I'm a word and photo kind of gal. Don't make me cheat on the photos by only using words. Not gonna happen.

What did I do today? I spent all day playing with the Remymiester, the Rem-machine, the Remylicious. We played lots of Rock Band on the Play Station 3. He plays drums, and I play the guitar. We make a great band. We printed out coloring pages from the Internet and colored lots and lots of Pokemon. We played with Annie. We ran errands. We wore ME out. Then we went to Remy's last baseball game. I'm kind of sad his season is over. Then the requisite pizza party with cake and cookies and kids barfing pizza. Fun stuff!

I'm exhuasted. I can't wait to pick up Donny from the airport tomorrow. I didn't realize how much HE played with his little brother. I've had to pick up the slack while he's been gone, and man, I'm worn out.

So, the scanner ate my photo and I'm worn out from playing with a six-year-old all day.

What other reasons are there that I can't publish a good post tonight? Umm...My monitor's gone computer got a virus...the keyboaohrds letterths arthe stickthing...oh, no, the screen's going black.......


Utter Basketcase said...

I'm sorry, what??

I couldn't understand a word of this post without a photo or two!

:-P *GiGGLeS* Just playing!

I am sooooooo the same with images in my posts! I feel naked without them! xx

Alison B. Osborne said...

I can't wait to hear how Donny's trip went! Did you send him with a camera?

I bet Remy will be excited to see him...and you can go home and take a nap!

Rhea said...

Giggle/Rae - You're hilarious. At first I was going, "oh, no, she doesn't understand my post" and then I realized you were kidding. Whew. Yes, I'm naked without pictures!

Alison - I sent Donny with THREE disposable cameras. He better have some pictures, gosh darnit!!

the mama bird diaries said...

Damn scanner. Our scanner makes me miserable.

Insane Mama said...

My whole computer about puked yesterday... I'm doing a system clean up today.... Talk about withdrawls.

Damama T said...

Just popped over from Jules' Just Because to say Howdy from another Texas. Have a great weekend!

Angie's Spot said...

I never realize how much my girls entertaine each other until one is gone. It's a full time job unto itself! Hope Donny has a safe trip home and has lot of pics for you to post!

Chatterness said...

rhea, rhea! i miss those "playing games" days with my son! looks like your puter needs to go to the puter hospital! get er done!

i beati said...

sandy here. I commented on Lake June and Tahoe Lake . I was too busy looking at all the neat places to go - advertised on my site..also because I'm in a meme and thought there might be some early traffic- I want to win .. Have a special weekend. Donny hasmany stories I bet. Fun loving the header every time it opens

OHmommy said...

My dog ate my scanner.

Well not really. Just chewed the cord. ;(

Rhea said...

Mama Bird Diaries - My scanner is brand new, but it got just a little wet and ate a picture I forgot I'd left inside. It's fine now though (the scanner, not the picture).

Insane Mama - What does computer puke look like? Sorry to hear about the withdrawls.

Damama T - Howdy! Glad you came by for a visit!

Angie - Thanks for your sweet words, I know what you mean about the kids entertaining each other.

Chatti Patti - My computer is fine, it was just the scanner, but it's ok now, thank goodness.

I Beati - I'll be sharing Donny's stories soon, I'm sure.

Oh Mommy - Bad Doggy!!

CrystalChick said...

Rock band is very addicting. Me and hub even played a couple times when the kids weren't home. We were pretty sad looking though. Trying to figure out the beat and watch the screen and work the foot peddle with the drum was hysterical. We seriously needed some helmets.

Rhea said...

Crystal Chick - I totally cannot play the drums on Rock Band. Only my six year old can. Seriously. He's sooo good at it. I suck. BUT, I rock at guitar. On EASY! lol

trublmaka said...

I so understand!
I usually don't use pics cos I thought.. I dunno, its 6:25am here, and I've hard bugger-all sleep all night! So I not even bothering with excuses! lol

The kids.. OMG!! Aren't they amazing?!!! I make sure and sing SPB's praises EVERY chance I get for entertaining Grubby, cos I'm WRECKED after just an hour!!

I sent SPB away on her 3 day camp with two disposable cameras - one came home, no clue what happened to the other! and NO PHOTOS!! :( I was VERY disappointed at having no photos. Thankfully they were only the $6 ones I bought not a new digital camera!!

You gonna share Donny's pics? :D

Jules said...

Man. The tall tales you Texans tell.

Rhea said...

Trublmaka - I am going to share some of Donny's photos. He took pictures on all three cameras and just got them back!

Jules - Aw, shucks, tall tales? There're just good stories. :o)