Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Painting with a Twist

Last night, I went to Painting with a Twist.

As an apartment complex sponsored event, I didn't have to pay the full price, and it was an opportunity to check out something I'd want to try for a while.

At Painting with a Twist, you can paint with no artistic talent necessary! It's BYOB, so you bring your favorite beverage and snacks ... and it's all about getting creative and having fun. I LOVED it!

The instructor walks you through painting ...
the entire class is painting the same thing ...
although, of course, everyone's turns out different.

You start with a blank canvas. Here's mine:

Then the lady instructed us on how to start working on our background: Paint met canvas.

Ta da! The background is complete.

I know it looks like a 4-yr-old did it. It was still FUN.

And here you have it, the completed product!

(I won't quit my day job any time soon, let me tell you) but I had so much fun!!

 I plan to do it again soon ... and take my boys.
Or my grandmother.

Have you ever done a painting class like this?