Thursday, June 12, 2008

Scattered thoughts

Most my posts have a theme. Or an event...or something that ties them together somehow. This post is not going to be like that. It's horribly unscattered and unpolished and kind of like my mind works half the time. Fun, right? Ok, let's jump in:

I had minor surgery this week. Ok, I'm being a baby. I had a mole removed in the dermatologist's office. I won't bore you with the details, but Remy colored in a corner of the room while I resigned myself to yet another scar and another story to tell on my body. It required stitches and I can't get it wet:

It's really hard to take a picture of your right arm when you're right handed. Try it. My hair needs to be brushed too. Sorry.

As you can see, I still have plenty of moles left. I should have told the Dr to take them too...all of them! Because I have a feeling I'll just keep coming back to have more and more removed over and over...but then I might cheat them out of their co-pays. Dangit.

Ok, so while I'm pouting about this, I am missing one child this week. Donny, my eleven year old has gone camping!! It's his first real camping trip, not counting some cabin camping in cub scouts. He's going with his best friend from Austin and his family. They drove from Dallas to Santa Fe, New Mexico the first day, then on to the Great Sand Dunes Park, Taos and onward towards Boulder and Denver! Then they're going to put Donny on a plane and send him back to me. We sure miss Donny (Annie's on a food strike until he returns!) but I hope he's having a blast.

Before I move on, let me remind everyone that I'm hosting a giveaway! If you haven't read about it or entered yet, there's still time. I'm closing it Saturday night at midnight. Read the post below this one to find out details:

Ok, with Donny gone, I'm having some major bonding time with my six year old, Remy. I've discovered he's quite a bit more chatty when his older brother is gone...I don't think he's stopped talking AT ALL since Donny left, in fact. This poor child apparently has no one to talk to. And, I get to hear a LOT about these creatures:

Please ignore the extremely DIRTY thumbnail in this photo, I only left it in due to it's helpfulness displaying the size of these funky, colorful creatures.

If you don't recognize these little guys, then you are really missing you, let me tell you. These are Bakugan. They're from a Cartoon Network show, and they're magnetic. They are little balls, until you throw them on a magnetic surface and then they pop open to become little creatures that battle. Sounds a lot like Pokemon, I know. They fit in little boys' pockets and travel with us everywhere.

Now, hold my hand as we jump from this topic to another totally random, unrelated topic. One, two, three and JUMP!!

Here we are. Cactus. My boys decided they needed to grow cactus. I'm not sure why. Maybe because they've seen me kill too many plants. I've heard these are hard to fact, you're supposed to ignore them a fair amount. So, we're growing us some cacti on our front step.

They wanted to put the planter on a nice chair by the front door, but I made them move this outside. Strange kids.

Ok, time to jump topics again. Are we all still here? Ooops, we lost Giggle to the dunny. Sorry girlfriend. One, two, three and JUMP!

Tampon cases. Aren't they cute? I got one once from Uncommon Goods because we women just need creative ways to carry tampons. No woman enjoys that time of the month, so we need to find ways to make it more exciting...give it some bling. Here's my contribution. AND, I just bought those Playtex Sport tampons that are supposed to have encouraging sayings on them...I can't wait to try them. hehe

Did I mention one of my new blogger friends is having a giveaway also? Carrie from The Gremlin Wrangler has some hilarious stories working as a cashier, stories from the front line of dealing with crazies like you and me. You know those people who go to the express lane with a million things? Or those drunk floozies checking out at 2pm with bags of shaving cream and toilet paper? You wouldn't believe what she's seen! She has two books out about it, and you've got to check them out. They're hilarious!!

Can you believe these d*mn sticky balls? They have become the bane of my exsistence. What the heck do they make these things out of?

Here's a big jump to a totally random picture. Isn't this Barbie cowgirl adorable? God, I wish I had her shape...and her red hat. I'm thinking about starting a cowgirl hat collection. Do you collect things?
Don't forget, I'm giving away fun stuff!! You don't want to miss out on it...and, we have to show the Bug we bloggers have power, right? We give good comments.


Skeller said...

Yikes, I hope your arm heals up quickly. No fun.

And Bakugan? Never heard of 'em. Jaw dropping ... as I realize there's a boy toy out there that we don't have! Woohoo!!

carrie said...

I have tons of moles too. But I've never had to have any of them removed just yet.

thanks for the link! Good luck, Rhea!

Utter Basketcase said...


How did you nknow I ran to the dunny???

LMAO I LOVE this post!!! The random ones are the best!!!

How cool is that Barbie!!!

I collect cats! .... Real Ones! ffs!

I'm loving the fancy tampon cases! Though they wont be much good to me for a while!

Do they have fancy breast pad cases?

Teeeheeee!! xx

. said...

I'm with your boys on the cactus idea. Cacti are the only thing I can grow without killing, and that's only because I don't have to do anything to them! ;)

Hope Donny has a fab time on his camping trip.

What IS that white sticky thing?? Ewwwww! LOL


Utter Basketcase said...

Oh by the way... I forgot to mention that I also have HEAPS of moles! I too have had to get a few cut out! So I'm feelin ya!


KP said...

hope you feel better soon!!!

Heather said...

I love this jumpy post!! I'm sorry about your mole, though. Better off than on, I always say. Okay, and I'm off to order my tampon case. How brilliant are those??

david mcmahon said...

Hope your camera arm is on the mend.

Rhea said...

Susan/skeller - Can you believe a new toy to collect? So annoying! Is that a new profile pic? Pretty!

Carrie - I think your cashier letters are hilarious, so I was more than happy to post a link. I have my moles checked yearly because I seem to grow atypical ones.

Rae/Giggle - I figured you're always running to the dunny. lol I wish I could have cats, but hubby's allergic. boohoo. I remember breast pads...They were essential because I leaked all the time.

Marie - I hope we don't kill the cactus too. That would be embarrassing! We still haven't managed to kill the fish yet, so there's hope...

KP - Thanks! I think I can actually shower today, thank god.

Rhea said...

Heather - Thanks for stopping by! Better off than on, huh? lol

David - Thanks! Gotta be able to take pictures. :o)

Anonymous said...

I had some moles removed a few years ago. It was the strangest pain.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Gotta love a random post...but I think I turned right when you were turning left :-)

When does Donny come home? What does he think about getting on a plane alone?

I am hoping my week in Texas will provide much blog fodder - cause that's why we are going of course...all out of fodder here...

Kellan said...

Hope you are feeling okay.

Those stupid sticky balls/men are always handing from a wall or ceiling in my house too and leave a greasy mark - hate them!

Have a good weekend - Kellan (from Texas too)

The CDM said...

Ouch, be glad those weren't on your butt. Imagine that photo session.

Insane Mama said...

Annie is on food strike? Oh no!
My son leaves tonight for Boy Scout camp, I'll miss him. My kids fly alone too. I'm loving the red hat, man Barbie is hot.

Unknown said...

Can I call you "the mole" from now's only fair!

-"the bug"

p.s. we have enjoyed all the visitors to the UpTake blog! :)

Rhea said...

Shamelessly Sassy - It is a weird deal, having moles removed.

Kat - Oh, no, I lost you when we turned left? I'm so sorry! Donny comes home tomorrow. Maybe y'all will cross in the air above Dallas!! He loves flying alone, has done it one other time. I can't wait to hear about your Texas experience. I wish I was closer to where you were going.

Kellan - Thanks! Where in Texas are you rounabouts? I'm not the only one with sticky balls on the wall, I know, it's a crazy epidemic!

Complaint Department Manager - I actually had a mole removed from my hiney when I was ten years old. It was humiliating at the time!

Insane Mama - Son off to Boy Scout Camp? Fun!! Barbie is totally hot.

Alison - I kind of like the sound of that...but only because there's a cool TV show called The Mole about someone being sneaky. hehe I hope Uptake got a good turnout. More will be trickling in over the next 24 hours.

trublmaka said...

@>--- (a flower for you!)
Good luck with the moles. My dad's had about 6 removed, in the last 2 years.. :( all were cancerous though.

The sticky thing? One place I lived at, we threw a sticky hand at the ceiling... It was still there a year later - glad I didn't have to clean it off! (it was an ex's house lol!)

Barbie - nice outfit... I'm sooo barbied out lol!

And for the cactus... Umm, I killed 'em :(
I tell everyone I got a black thumb - I can kill anything!! How my kids survive is amazing!! lol

all the best chicky xo

Unknown said...

Well there's a coincidence! Today I booked my first ever appt with a Dermatologist to get all my many moles checked.

I have always been very freckly and have more than the average amount of moles. So I figured now being in full on sun 80% of the year, it would be wise to get a checkup annually!

Hope it feels better soon and thanks for making me feel I am doing the right thing, despite no obvious issues.

i beati said...

so many beauty marks - too

Rhea said...

Troublmaka - Thank you for the flower! Very sweet. Sorry to hear about your dad's cancerous moles. ick. Sticky hand on the ceiling? Oh, that's a good one!! Do tell, why are you Barbied out? I gotta know more!

Britgal Sarah - I'm so glad you're getting your moles checked. Fair skinned people who live in sunny places should! I go yearly but now my dr wants me to come in twice a year. FUN FUN.

I Beati - I like your thinking. Moles = beauty marks. :o)

Carissa(GoodnCrazy) said...

We've managed to miss the Bakugon crap, mainly because we are knee deep into Ben 10 crap. My kid honestly will stop playing catch with me, hold out his mitt and tell me...wait, mom, I have to power up first, then I can play again. Sad.

Maternal Mirth said...

Here's to hoping your arm heals as quick as a Texas Barrel Race :)

CUTE blog and I am GEL-us... I want that Barbie :)

Rhea said...

Good & Crazy - We managed to bypass the Ben 10 crap. ROFL about the power up stuff. how funny.

Maternal Mirth - Thanks for stopping by! It's nice to meet ya. That Barbie is hot, huh?!

~**Dawn**~ said...

I had a mole removed from the middle of my back last October. Have you ever tried to change a bandage between your shoulder blades? Yeah the spot you can't reach to scratch an itch. =P I live alone. And I was supposed to change that bandage once a day & keep it wet with Neosporin to minimize scarring. Not only that but she told me to make sure to change the place where the adhesive was on my skin with each new bandage to keep from irritating my skin. RIGHT. I couldn't even put it on *once*. I tried everything. I finally stuck the adhesive to the wound & then sat in my bathroom & cried. Thank God for that Neosporin which made the adhesive not work or I have to tell you, it would still be there. =P