Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New glasses & A Bedtime Story

So, yesterday Donny (my 11-year-old) wore his new glasses for the first time!! He was nervous about getting glasses, but I think he looks great in them! He wore them to school for the first time today, so I can't wait to hear how that went. He also ordered special ones to play sports in that are shaded, but they haven't arrived yet.

Remy (the six-year-old) seems maybe a little jealous that Donny got glasses and he didn't, so I did buy him some sun glasses. He also wanted just one photo taken when I took Donny's glasses' photos, so here is it! Look at that face. Adorable. He is missing two teeth, the upper front two on either side of the middle ones. So, he has the middle top two, then the spaces on either side, and then the canines next. He just doesn't have them. He didn't have the baby teeth there and he doesn't have the permanent ones there either. Weird, huh? He has orthodonic treatment in his future.
Now, the other night, something amazing happened. BOTH MY CHILDREN SLEPT IN THEIR OWN BEDS!! Don't ask why this was amazing or why we've been having issues. Just accept the wonderful miracle as it is. Here's Donny in his bed. You can just barely see the top of his hair sticking out. Barely.
And, here is the photo evidence of Remy in HIS bed. He is also covered almost completely, with just the tip of his hair showing as well. How strange both my boys completely burrow when they fall asleep....but it doesn't last all night....they eventually kick all covers off, I promise.

I am so thrilled by this miracle, that, after taking pictures to document the occasion, I head contentedly back to my room to get in my nice big empty bed...but wait...what's this?

She's not supposed to be in my bed!! She sleeps with Donny. Oh, man, I knew it was too good to be true.

Annie, go sleep with your boy!! Out!!

She doesn't look like she's moving.


GoMommy said...

His glasses are so hip! They look very nice.
I LOVE when Mj goes out of town and I have the bed to myself. I sleep spread eagle-diagonally. But usually wake to the cat on my chest by 5am. It's a nice, warm, flat space.

Valarie Lea said...

He looks so handsome in the glasses. Very good choice. :)

I would love to see that miracle happen at my house. :)

Skeller said...

Your handsome little man looks FANTASTIC in his new glasses. He picked out an awesome pair :-)

Unknown said...

LOL @ Annie!

I think your young man looks very grown up and trendy in his spec's, lovely blue eyes.

As for the teeth, I remember from my very first job as a Dental Assistant that it's quite common. With that cheely face he isn't gonna miss them anyway and neither will the girls!

Working on that meme still, expect it Friday, I have another in line for tomorrow!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

I love Donny's new glasses...very hip. And we are looking at orthodontia in our future too. But let's not think about that today.

Now...very exciting about the boys in their own beds. (All of you? Really? In one bed? Oh my.) Did anything happen to help this miracle along?

We've never had a dog...but I swear, one small cat can take up more room than my husband on the bed.

Anonymous said...

sweet boys.
I always wanted glasses. nope. 20/20, still, to this day. Donny looks very distinguished in his glasses.

Alison B. Osborne said...

Donny's glasses look great! How did it go at school? I always wanted glasses when I was younger cause I thought they looked "cool". Sometimes I consider buying the ones with plastic lenses just so I can wear them!

Glad you (almost) got the bed to yourself last night!

Jennifer S said...

The glasses look great!

Your boys are both handsome. Love the toothy grin.

My daughter still migrates from her bed almost every night.

KG said...

Why does everybody else look better in glasses than I do?!

Oh, and Sumo spends each and every night with his head in my armpit in my bed. Seems a little ick to me, but hey - if he sleeps? I don't care.

Kiera said...

I like those frames...very nice.

Chatterness said...

I remember always wanting to wear glasses, but I never needed them. Also, I would make braces for my teeth out of foil.

I never wore either (braces or glasses), but now, as an old hag, I wear eye glasses for reading. I hate not being able to read without them. ughhhh..

Donny....those glasses rock!! Remy.....that smile is contagious!
Mama Rhea.....smack Annie on the behind just for being soooo damned spoiled!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute glasses! I remember my first pair of glasses. I got them in 1976. They were plastic and purple. My current glasses are plastic and brown. I went full circle. Went from plastic and small to plastic and HUGE (in the 80's...I had big hair, too, and raccoon eyes!), to wire frame and now I'm back to the small plastic ones. My sunglasses, though, are something. I look like Jacki O! They are plastic, HUGE and dark! They're so retro! I love 'em!

Anonymous said...

Patti...I never had braces, either, but I'd take a paperclip and open it up, then put tape on the ends to I couldn't cut myself, and put them in my mouth and pretend I had a retainer. LOL!

Rhea said...

Go Mommy - I love having the bed to myself most of the time, and then sometimes I like cuddling with my boys and/or the dog.

Valarie - Glad I'm not the only one sharing beds. lol

Susan/Skeller - Thanks for your comliments! The minute he tried those on, I knew they were the pair for him. He was nervous about getting glasses.

Britgal Sarah - I'm glad you noticed his big blue eyes. I love his and his brother's blue eyes. My hubby has brown eyes and mine are green. funny, huh?

Kat - We used to live in a tiny apartment above a garage at my inlaws', and it was a one bedroom apartment. We fit two beds in that one room, but we are used to small quarters, so it's taking us some time to get used to spreading out. Funny about your cat taking up more room than the hubby. hehe

Uberburber - You are so lucky you have 20/20! I wear contacts, and my hubby wears glasses. Our kids are doomed to poor vision. I amazed Donny made it this long without needing correction. lol

Rhea said...

Alison - Donny got a great reception at school! Everyone seemed to really lke them. I never wanted glasses. I hated them with a passion, but then again, I had to wear coke-bottle thick lenses. Contacts rock.

Jennifer H - Thanks for the sweet words about my boys! Remy's grin is hilarious. He looks like a little vampire with those missing teeth. Glad to hear your daughter still migrates too. :o)

Tranny Head - I feel so weird typing your blog name. It's just so wrong. lol Sumo baby sleeps in your armpit? lol That's hilarious.

Kiera - Thanks for the compliments on Donny's glasses. He didn't want them and wanted contacts, but really likes the ones he ended up getting. We'll see about doing contacts later on.

Rhea said...

Chatti Patti - I can't believe you made your own braces! That's hilarious. Donny is excited about braces and only has to have them for 10 months or so. Annie is spoiled, I know.

Kim - You made your own braces too! You guys are so funny. I wish I could see pictures of that. Love the glasses' descriptions. lol All of them!

Rhea said...

Britgal Sarah - I forgot to add...our dentist said it's very common for teeth to be missing and it can run in the family. I had NEVER heard of it before and was so surprised...and I don't think we have any in our family, that I know of. Remy's unique, in SO many ways. lol

Jules said...

The glasses look great and your bed looks SO comfy. No wonder Annie wants to stay there.

Rhea said...

Jules - I know, Annie knows a comfy spot when she sees one.

Utter Basketcase said...

Your boys are SUCH the little cutie pies!!! I can remember as a child I always wanted glasses!

Glasses are cool these days! I'm sure he'll grow to love them! xx