Sunday, June 29, 2008


I have a new word.
I think it speaks for itself, no need to define it, right?
I spent pretty much the whole weekend decrapifying my home.
I found all my shoes and put them in the closet. I also found the bag of new shoes I bought a whlie back and forgot to put away.
You wanna see? You may not get as excited about them as I am...

And here they are on my feet. That pedicure is still hangin' in there,

but may need a redo soon, before we go on our family reunion later in July.

And, here are my new boots.


I'm in love.

They are really sooo comfortable. Have you ever worn cowboy boots? They can be the most comfortable thing you've ever put on.

And, they make you feel like stompin'.

Like you can take on the world and handle whatever comes your way.

They help when you have to decrapify your home.

During my decrapifying, I also re-discovered some jewelry I hadn't seen since we moved up here. So, I put it on my display thingy. I think it's called an earring tree...but I use it for everything: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, hairclips, etc.

My youngest sister, The Bug, gave it to me for my birthday!

(ok, I had it on my Amazon wish list, and she got it off there.)

Now, back to my closet.

These are the shoes I've been wearing most of the summer...

because they're so comfortable, they slip on easy, and my feet like em.

This is the nicer pair I've been wearing all summer. They match EVERYTHING.

But, now I'm going to be wearing my new flip flops and my new boots.
SO, after we spent some time decrapifying and before we started with the Rug Doctor,
the boys had a little fun with Annie.
(Notice, the furniture has been moved out for the carpet cleaning,
but the counter has not been decrapified yet.)

As Annie leaps magnificently into the air, see the rug doctor (only $26 a day at Tom Thumb).

Also, Donny has on his UT Longhorn shirt. Go Longhorns!

On the left, you can see some of the boys' artwork matted and framed.

We have one wall devoted to some of their best work.

I'm not sure who wants the dog toy more, Annie (the dog) or Remy (my 6yr old).

That dog can jump!!

(and, I wonder what plans Donny has for the ball behind his back? hmmmm...)

It's Monday, we survived the weekend. My house is clean.

Coming up this week...I finally caught the BUTT SCOOTCH on video!

And, a blog makerover is in the works.

Y'all come back now, ya hear?!


Unknown said...

You go girl! I am SERIOUS.... I am going to get something done today... NO. REALLY... I mean it. You know, you can always photoshop the crap on your counter out of the picture... If you are nice, I will show you how.... : ) I LIKE all of the shoes!... I remember the days.**sign***..before moving to NORWAY where even crappy payless like shoes cost over $100...

All Things BD said...

Silly woman. Have you been away too long? It's not Go Longhorns. It's HOOK 'EM HORNS!!!!! :)

Cute flip flops!

Anonymous said...

Hook 'em! That's right! I love your blog. I miss Texas...and your decrapifying weekend sounded just like mine - and this morning I woke with a sense of accomplishment.

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Yay for "decrapification" and finding things that you forgot about. It's like getting freebies!

John Deere Mom said...

Sigh. I love your shoes. All of them. Now I must go shoe shopping.

Jennifer said...

you go girl!! :)

found shoes and jewelery AND cleaned the house!! :) good for you.

I wish to find some treasure in my house that I have forgotten about... but chances are very slim for that... but I do have to clean. My son's bedroom is TRASHED for a visit from his cousin! ugh!! The both did it though.

The rest of the house isn't too crappy but can always use a good decrafifying!! (love that saying... decrapified!) ;)

love the flip flops... very cute.
never have worn cowboy boots... but they are very nice too! :)
and I LOVE the jewlery holder/stand, very nice! :)

have a good one... i'm off to decrapify! :)


CrystalChick said...

OMG, I so need to decrapify. Well, I did start... but it's that dining/craft room that needs desperate organization!! When I send the Etsy link to friends/family I won't be able to find what they order!!! LOL
Love your shoes!! Even the flip flops, I don't do shoes with a thingy between the toes, but they are still very cool in color!!
Yay for your house being CLEAN!

CrystalChick said...

p.s. what american in norway said.... photoshop whatever you don't like!!
I'm not really good at it, but have used it not only for removing items, but a few extra pounds!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I've been doing this a LOT lately!

I tackled my car yesterday and found about 10 pairs of shoes (mostly the kids' flip flops!).

Jen said...

Love the new word. I really need to do that decrapify. I also just love it when you find thing that you hide. Its like Christmas all over again.

Sandy Kessler said...

now you ARE the queen of cool in those shoes!!!!!!

Skeller said...

Hehe. De-crapify. Great word. Appropriate word. A word I definitely need to put into action into my own home (the bummer being, my 5yo totally doesn't agree with my estimation of what is crap and what is NOT!). sigh. Perhaps in 15 years, I will have a tidy, decrapified home. maybe.
Can't wait to see your new blog look!!! So excited for you :-)

Rhea said...

American in Norway - You're right, I need to learn to photoshop crap out. I have Elements and I've barely figured out how to use it. I can't believe payless-type shoes are over $100 in Norway! No way!

All Things BD - OMG. I'm ashamed. Embarrassed. How could I forget?! It is HOOK 'EM HORNS! I even went to UT!! Sad. Thank you for setting me straight!

Dana - Hey! Thanks for stoppin' by! What part of Texas do you miss and how did you end up in Michigan?

Krystyn - I agree, I love finding things I haven't seen in forever, it feels like Christmas.

John Deere Mom/Angie - Thanks! I love my shoes too. :o)

Jennifer - Good luck with your decrapifying. Sounds like your son and his cousin had a blast if the room was trashed. hehe

Crystal Chick - I like that you don't DO shoes with the thingy between the toes. I do need to learn how to photoshop things out.

The Cotton Wife/Jennifer - I'm impressed. 10 pairs of shoes in one car is pretty darn impressive!

Jen - I agree, just like Christmas. Only you have to WORK for it. ugh

Sandy Kessler - Aww, thanks! I like that. Queen of Cool. I've never had that title before. lol

Skeller/Susan - I LOVE SHREK! I saw your comment on another blog and just had to say that. I agree with you, my version of crap versus my kids' versions are TOTALLY different.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

My tendancy is to de-crapify with a trash bag. Because all crap is treasure to my girls. Asking them to help is asking for trouble. We get de-cluttered every week...but my that is another story. I think they need to invent mini-vans with a crumb tray. Pull that sucker out and you have a clean car...

Valarie Lea said...

I so need to decrapify my house.

Love the flip-slops, Love the boots, love the colorful shoes.

Blogmakeover?!?! I can't what to see whats gonna happen. :)

Rhea said...

Kat - I have a really clean car right now also, and I'm lovin it!! It really makes a difference in my mood.

Valarie - Did you mean to type flip-slops or was that just a typo? I kind of like that term.
Darcy's doing my makeover!! You know how wonderful she is. She did a GREAT job on your site, btw.

Anonymous said...

Oh... They could do a "decrapify" study on me. You've inspired me!! ~Jill :)

Anonymous said...

ooooh, I could use those multi-colored cork wedges. who makes those??

I have some decrapifying to do and will from now on call it just that.

Indy said...

Decrapifying and a new blog all in one week? I am tired just thinking about it. I need to get busy around the house and walk away from this computer.

Cristin said...

Lots of things need decrapification around here... house, car, dog, small boy....

Cristin said...

Oh! I've never worn cowboy boots... and that dog is ridiculous!

Utter Basketcase said...

I just realised that I ended up reading all your posts anyway! (I never got around to cooking dinner LOL)

See! I couldn't help but read!

Loving all your shoes and jewellry, but I can't get the image of that poor snake outta my head :-S xx

Debbie said...

I love that term...I have been doing the same thing because I HATE CRAP AND CLUTTER! Out out it must go!

Angie's Spot said...

Ok, can I just say that I LOVE those blue sandals?! If I'm ever in TX and those sandals come up missing, well...

angela | the painted house said...

I'm assuming that rug doctor is for all the butt scootching??? :)

Decrapifying--I love it, will use it. You're genius.

Some Painted House trivia for you: we are all Texans except the babe. Poor kid was born in GA.

The CDM said...

This is kind of scary, I spent the last 2 days decrapifing a few rooms in the house. It was stuff that needed to be dealt with, I just was never in the mood to do it. There is a great sense of accomplishment, yes?

Jules said...

Yup! Life is good. Love the boots.