Friday, November 12, 2010

My Ghetto Guide

Sometimes you've just got to do what works.

I'm trying to come to terms with my ghetto self.  

I'm just not all cool and collected and perfect.
I occasionally forget things, 
or drop my child off at school without getting out of my PJs, 
then run back home to shower and get ready for work.

We all need to embrace our inner-ghetto.
Let's start a movement.

And in that spirit, here are a few of my ghetto fixes:

Ghetto Can Opener - 13-year-old with a BB Gun  
(OK, haven't actually tried this one yet, but I've come close)

Ghetto Lunch Box - plastic grocery sack 
(This week alone I've done this three times for my 13 yr old)

Ghetto Umbrella - newspaper draped over your head 
(Actually, I usually forgo an umbrella or newspaper and just get wet.  Ultimate ghetto, right?)

Ghetto dog toy - wood branch or rock 
(I thought my dog was pretty smart until I caught her chewing on bark.  
Now I just think she's doing her part to be thrifty for the family.  
Bones are so upscale! )

BTW, have you seen my Ghetto car?

Please tell me you have some ghetto tendencies.
So I won't feel so alone.


Sharlene T. said...

No one has that much time to read my inner ghetto self... but I can get every ridge off a dime, drive my cars until at least 225,000 mileage, etc... it goes on... thanks for sharing yours and look forward to hearing others... Come visit when you can...

Belle said...

My daughter was called "white trash" because her dog was barking at a campsite. I guess that qualifies as ghetto.
Sometimes I forget to wear my good bra and I am out shopping in a sports bra and my boobs are down to my stomach.

Alison B. Osborne said...

I often fall asleep without brushing my teeth and I always put my feet up at movie theaters.