Thursday, November 4, 2010

Turban Squash

Alien pod?  Pixie home?  Tye-Dyed, bulbous pumpkin?


These are the coolest gourds I've ever seen!!
I saw them at the grocery store recently and had to snap a photo.

and I bought one to adorn my table.

I love gourds.
(not to eat.  To photograph)

Because Nature makes the most amazing things. 

Do you ever photograph fruit?
or vegetables?
Or whip out your phone at the grocery store to take pictures of anything?


ag. said...

I'm always nervous to take photos in the grocery store, as if they'll think I'm a spy from their competitors! Haha...but some things are just too good not to take photos of! Loving these gourds!

Sandra said...

Very interesting fruit...vegetable?...anyway, it's actually quite beautiful.
I love that you whipped out your camera in the grocery to take a picture!