Thursday, November 11, 2010

If Parenting were a Sport

I saw MamaKat tweet a comment that got me to thinking.

She said, "If parenting were a sport, I would be an Olympic athlete."

And it got me to thinking.

If parenting were a sport, 
it'd be an obstacle course, downhill ski, and marathon 

You'd start off blindfolded too. 
You would think you new the course ahead of time 
but it could change AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT.

And things could be thrown at you as you barrel down deep slopes and you have to deflect them.

And people can hurl insults at you...
or advice on how to finish, 
and you can ignore or listen.
You never know which advice might be useful 
or which is designed to trip you up 
or is useless.

It's a sport you think you can train for, but you really can't.
and each person's course is completely you can't cheat.

It's the ultimate sport.

Some people compete in teams...couples or groups of family or friends...

You have no idea how long the race will last, but it's a marathon of epic proportions.

Face it, you'll get dirty, you'll sweat and bleed, but
as you clear each obstacle, the reward would be worth it. 
Each and every time.

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Belle said...

Great post, and so true.