Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Five New Words I've Learned this Year

I love learning new words.

1. Qi - This means "energy."  I learned from playing Words with Friends on my iPhone.   I'm often left with the letter "Q" and that's an easy word to make when you don't know what else to do with the Q.

2. Beast - Well, I learned a new meaning for this word from my teenage son.  It means something like "cool."  As in, "that new movie was beast."

3. Ullage - This is a word for the amount that falls short of filling a bottle.  I learned it from, where I often drop by to check my spelling on certain words.  I'm not the best speller, so it's a crutch for me.  

4. Rubric - My 13-yr-old has had a ton of projects this year in History and English. And each time, the project comes with a sheet called a Rubric, that basically contains the instructions or directions or protocol or guidelines.  It's not a word I'm used to hearing so much. 

5.Karabiner - [kar-uh-bee-ner]  This is something used in mountaineering and tons of other ways.  It's a metal clip with a spring for attaching to something.  I never knew the name, and it's a fun word to say.

Have you learned any new words this year?


Belle said...

I learned about Qi when I went for my first acupuncture appointment. Chinese medicine is wonderful, my heath problems improved a lot after 6 months of treatment.
Oh, and I love words too.

Claire Marie said...

Qi is the best weapon a scrabble player can have!