Sunday, November 7, 2010

Single Parenting is kicking my butt

And I'm not even divorced yet!!

I moved out over a year ago, taking the kids with me, and moved in with my mom and stepdad.

After living with them for a year, I decided I needed to have my own place,
and found this lovely little apartment on a greenbelt that has a fenced in yard 
and allows big dogs.
It's perfect!!

Here's our backyard:

And here's the main living area looking out on the backyard:

and here it is with some furniture:

Finances are TIGHT.

I've got two jobs.
One is your average 40 hours of a week job, 
and the other is as doing freelance writing.

My two boys just finished up playing their fall sports, Remy soccer, Donny football.
Waking up at 5:30am to get Donny to those early morning football practices were TOUGH!

And, Annie, she just keeps up with all of us and tags along.

My husband lives in Austin, but is about to move nearer to us here in North Texas.
and it looks like he may have to spend a few weeks on my couch before he gets his own place.

I hope I don't end up killing him.

We're not divorced yet, but I don't see us getting back together.

But at least we can get along for the kids' sake.

We can agree on ONE THING...

that Donny & Remy mean the world to us both.


Kat said...

Divorce is never easy for anyone. Glad you two are keeping it civil for the kids sake.

Unknown said...

Divorce sucks.

Being friendly for the kids is the best route you can go. Not always easy, but definitely the way to go.

Hope said...

Yes, divorce is tough, but two single parents who are happier are better than a couple who fight constantly.

I've gone through the being-a-geographical-single-parent (military's way of saying gee, we're taking this person away for a year - good luck!) many times. So don't be shy about asking for help - make friends. There are a lot of single moms out there that are willing to trade chores, babysitting, finding jobs.

Hang in there!

Belle said...

I was a single mom for four years. It is tough. Money was the hardest part. And I love your house!

smartz said...

Single parenting is simultaneously the hardest and most wonderful experience (I raised two sons on my own). My advice: love, love, and more love. PS just found your blog recently and I really enjoy it.

Marketing Mama said...

Being on your own with kids is totally different than having help... so this is a new part in your journey, for sure. I broke up with my soon-to-be ex husband nearly 1 year ago. He moved out right away. I also work two jobs. You are doing great - hang in there...