Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Japanese man invented the Italian Plumber loved by Americans

A couple of weeks ago, my 13-yr-old son informed me that his middle school band would be playing 
with the Dallas Brass in an upcoming concert.

Exciting, I thought!  Great opportunity for the kids, I figured.

Then I found out the tickets were $10-$12 each.
And I was a little irritated. 
Because money's tight.
And I didn't want to spend $10 going to listen to my own son play.

BUT, I'm a supportive mom, no matter what, and I bought tickets for me and my younger son.
And I invited my father, my mother, my stepfather and my grandmother.
I enjoy hearing Donny play.

Last night, we dressed up and piled into a high school auditorium to hear the Dallas Brass play on their own and with different school bands.

I was blown away.

The Dallas Brass is an amazing 6-person group.

Such talent!
Such talented teachers and musicians!

And, my son's school band played the theme music to Super Mario Bros. with them.
It was awesome!!

It was the best $10 I've spent in a long time.

I would have spent more.

Unfortunately, poor Remy didn't make it the whole performance.

If you ever have a chance to have the Dallas Brass 
visit your school, jump on it.

If they're ever performing in your city, go see them!

Truly amazing.


Belle said...

That must have been exciting for your son.

Claire Marie said...

We played a concert with the Dallas Brass once when I was in high school! It was such a blast. They are truly awesome.