Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Worrying Never Ends

When you become a parent, you become skilled at the Art of Worrying.

You worry whether you're eating the right things 
caring for the baby growing inside you.
You worry the baby is getting enough to eat 
and worry why he's crying when he's a newborn.
You worry he's growing and progressing at a normal rate 
as he becomes a toddler.

You worry he will adjust to school, that he'll make friends and do well.
The worrying never ends.

You worry about new things every year.

My first born son is just months away from turning 15 years old...
and my new worry?


He'll start learning to drive.

Heaven help me.  
The worrying never ends.

What are you current worries?

1 comment:

CrystalChick said...

My son got his license back in the Spring so I know that worry.

Since I have grandkids now, there will be lots to add to the worry list with them too.