Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tales from the School Bus

My 9 yr old takes the school bus to school, and he came home the other day with an interesting story.
He told me that he'd gotten on the school bus the other morning, and that the bus driver was asking the kids where he was supposed to go next. 

He didn't know the route.  (He wasn't the usual driver)

My son said he never pays attention to the direction they take...so he couldn't help the driver, but luckily some girl was able to help the driver.  My son said it was stressful worrying about whether he was going to make it to school on time or get lost.

Seems like they'd give those drivers maps? A route written down on paper?  GPS?! 

My older son, who's 14 years old also takes the bus.  He told me that there have been a couple of fights break out on the bus before, and so I immediately asked him how he handled that situation.  What did he do when a fight broke out? What did other kids do?

He told me that he just watched.  Like the other kids.

It sounds like the bus is a daily adventure!!


NGS said...

I remember having to tell substitute drivers where to go when I was a kid, too! Fortunately, I was the first one on and the last one off and I knew where I was going.

Unknown said...

School bus drives deserve medals for even showing up most days. The things that go on there would freak me out.

amy said...

My oldest child, who is now 21, would have been completely lost if the bus driver had asked him for directions. He never paid one bit of attention to anything outside the window of any vehicle in which he was riding, to the point that he had NO idea which stores were in our neighborhood. Is this a boy thing?