Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Yesterday, when I came home from work and was rushing to turn right back around and get my 9 yr old to football practice, my older son, (who recently recovered from appendicitis) made an appearance and asked me, "Mama, how was work today?"

I was in a hurry and said something along the lines of "It was fine"  or "OK."

And then he said, "Did you win?"

This question might seem odd to some, but coming from my competitive, sports-minded son, it made sense.

It's all about perspective, folks. 

Did you approach your day with this attitude?
Did you win today?


Trooper Thorn said...

I don't always win, but I do my best to make others lose.

amy said...

So, did you win?

I have to say, I'm strangely delighted that we are both doing NaBloPoMo this month. =)

Unknown said...

This is amazing! You are SO right that it's all in your perspective! I try to approach my day with a positive outlook to no matter what comes my way! Smile on my face!

Lisa said...

That's a really cool way to look back on your day - did you win? I like that a lot. It kind of puts things into perspective.

(Stopping by to say hi - I found your blog on the NaBloPoMo bloroll... so hi!)