Monday, November 14, 2011

6 Random Things That Are Driving Me Crazy

Sometimes the little stuff adds up. I've been feeling a little grouchy and irritated lately.

  1. The motor in my side mirror won't shut when my car is on, there is this awful noise coming from my side mirror that won't STOP! (But at least my car gets me to work and home reliably every day!)
  2. Every time I turn around, my boys are throwing a football. It's a non-stop, 24/7 game of catch. (at least they are active and athletic)
  3. The weather keeps jumping around from 80 degrees and summer-like to almost freezing. Back and forth and back and forth.  Just turn cold already!! (Thank goodness we don't have super harsh winters)
  4. My closet looks like a tornado hit it, and I can't seem to make the time to organize it. (At least I have clothes to wear)
  5. My ex ends up spending every weekend on my couch. (At least he wants to spend time with his boys!)
  6. I can't complain about things without feeling totally guilty for complaining. (I always have to look for the glass half full)

What about you?  Anything driving you nuts?
What do you feel guilty about complaining about?

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SharleneT said...

The others are all manageable and easy to cope with, sooner or later, but No.5 would drive me right up a wall. The reason he's an ex is because it didn't work pre-ex... now, it's the comforts of home. Let him take the boys some place. It's irritating because you're subconscious is feeling watched/babysat/tethered...?