Friday, October 10, 2008

The Remster

This one likes to climb.

Yep, I see you, Rem-Rem!

We were at Donny's football game.

Poor Rem has an upper respiratory infection right now.

And it's turned into impetigo (a skin bacterial infection) around his nose.

Poor little guy. We have him on antibiotics and a nasal spray...the latter he does NOT enjoy.
I'm on his bad list when I show up to spray him...

Gotta run pick up the boys from school.
They had a half-day today.
Doesn't the school district know that cuts into my blogging time?!

Any weekend plans? Football and soccer games here.
Everyone healthy at your home? Everyone except Rem.
Are you going to get flu shots? We are.
Do you have a climber in your family? Remy is ours.


Captain Dumbass said...

1. I'm spending my country's Thanksgiving in your country.
2. No
3. Oh God, yes!
4. My littlest was bit by a genetically enhanced spider shortly after birth.

Valarie Lea said...

Poor little Remy!

1. help my sister take pictures
2. Right now they are
3. Haven't ever gotten one. (where is some wood to knock on)
4. Lil Logan, but I think he got it from his Mama. :)

Cristin said...

Weekend plans: working and working.

Sick people: Graham and his Lymey knee.

Flu shots: We all will get them except the baby who is allergic to eggs and can't get one.

Climbers: Dottie is getting there... she's pretty fearless.

Live.Love.Eat said...

1. Cooking, organizing, Bday parties.
2. Little guy has a bad cough
3. He's getting his shot tomorrow
4. For a 5yo he is sooo not interested in typical boy climbing stuff.

Have a great weekend. Hope your guy feels better!!

Susie said...

Early Halloween party.

No...daughter is sick.

Daughter got a flu vaccination.

My daughter is the climber.

This is a daughter themed day. I even blogged about her today:-)

Unknown said...

Tell Remy I hope he feels better.

1. Read my post.
2. No one sick, but HWM might be after #1.
3. Haven't decided yet on the shots or not.
4. Son #1 and Daughter #2 were/are both climbers, but lately I have been a climber...up that dang wall going crazy.

Have a great weekend girl!

Jen said...

Birthday, birthday, birthday.
All well, expect for the nunny noses but that is just par.
Flu shots-YES!!
All my kids are climbers, totally.

Momma Trish said...

1. Coordinating multiple family Canadian Thanksgivings.

2. Everyone generally healthy. Eldest son coming down with a cold. Littlest son teething. My broken knee is healing nicely. Husband is about to have a nervous breakdown.

3. Heavens yes!

4. Eldest son was a monkey in a past life.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

I am trying to figure out weekend plans. Because Katie is camping with Scouts until Monday afternoon. I just need to pawn Madalyn off on some unsuspecting soul and who knows what my plans might be.

Everyone is healthy at the moment. Katie has a loose tooth that is irritating her gums. But, pretty healthy. Knock wood.

Nope. We like to live life on the edge.

Madalyn is part spider monkey. Maybe I should keep that to myself as I am trying to find a friend that must have an extra seven year old for the weekend.

Shannon said...

Weekend plans: dinner tonight to celebrate my dad's bday... wedding to attend tomorrow afternoon... having the whole family over tomorrow night to hang out... Sunday is still up for grabs

Drama Princess has had a nasty cough for a week but hasn't complained about anything else bothering her and no fever

None of us have ever gone to get flu shots

Neither of my girls are climbers... they are more "on-the-bed-jumpers"

scargosun said...

Any weekend plans? Football, dinner with the famly on Sat and Sun.
Everyone healthy at your home? Except for minor allergies, yes.
Are you going to get flu shots? Heck yeah, no reason not to.
Do you have a climber in your family? I miss climbing trees.

Anonymous said...

Sorry the Remster's sick! No fun.

No weekend plans (Oma leaves on Saturday :( ), everyone's healthy, no flu shots, no climbers (unless you count social (and by social, you count blogging)).

Have a good weekend!

Ronnica said...

Any weekend plans? Watching OU beat the longhorns (hope you're not a fan!), and lots and lots of school work. Hopefully, studying for 1 test and writing 2, no, make it 3, papers. Hey, I can dream, right?

Everyone healthy at your home? Yep.
Are you going to get flu shots? Nope. I've only had the flu once, I think.
Do you have a climber in your family? It's just me, so no!

Insane Mama said...

Um, there will be 50 teenagers at my house sat night and a DJ. Shitfuckidyshit...pray for me please. Plus soccer, rock climbing, H20 polo games, yea, christie is my climber.

We are all physically healthy.
I'm alll for the flu shots

Lisa said...

Both my brothers and I had impetigo when we were younger. I remember it well. Yucky.

Any weekend plans? Wii, Wii, and more Wii. And when I am not playing Wii I will try to get some transciptions done.

Everyone healthy at your home? Hubby is still recovering from his busted tibia and fibula. We are 5 months post break and he still has trouble walking. he could be off work for another 2 months. I need a vaca LOL.

Are you going to get flu shots? Nope.

Do you have a climber in your family? Julia always wants to climb trees, but the only thing around my house are palm trees and you cannot climb those suckers.

Bet you didn't know I was going to write an essay for each answer did you??

Mama Dawg said...

How come Captain Dumbass is first? That's not fair.

Why, I don't know. I felt like being petulant. Pbthhhhh....

No plans. No one's sick. I'll get a free shot since I work in a hospital and LOML will get the nasal spray. I'm the climber in the family...behind Jesse.

Karen said...

Get well, Remy. That stuff is no fun!!

1. Probably shovel snow, if not, clean out the basement.
2. Thank all that is good, YES.
3. Not sure yet
4. Yes, the Wild Child, the 1st One, My Son and the Little Jamaican. Yep, everyone of them. Pulled the 1st One off the top of my fridge when she was about a year old. We decided it was time to move the bread maker after that.

WheresMyAngels said...

Hope he gets to feeling better.

1. We are going to a pumpkin festival tomorrow, Sunday I work the whole day so kids go to a sitter.
2.Not going to answer.. as not to jinx us.
3.Kids yes, me no. The girls have heart issues (two of them) so they must. I don't like to think of it in my body, so I skip.

CrystalChick said...

Hope Remy is better soon!
Weekend plans? Oddly enough, nothing really specific this weekend. I have a little work to do for my biz, some cleaning, catching up on a few books. Hubby is going for a motorcycle ride with a friend tomorrow and then working on Sunday.

Healthy? Uh.... I have a couple things I'm managing. Have to get a script filled for a funky foot condition that I saw the Doc for this morning.
Flu shots? We don't usually get them.
Climber? Little Alex is starting to get very mobile and curious. I'm more feeling like a jumper than a climber. ;)

lynette355 said...

1. Family Reunion that I am the hostess of. Joy Joy
2. Mother ill-upper resp. too! Waiting to go into hospital for more heart stints.
3. Already have my flu shot for this year. Got it first thing.
4. Twin 20 mth old girls that I do childcare for. Climb right up the walls-honest. Up on couch and then start using shelves to go up. Always have to watch these two.
Thanks for the encourgement you gave my 21 yr old daughter today about NaNoWriMo.
And come and enter my first giveaway. For a Dang It Doll. Something for those days of writers block.

Anna Lefler said...

1. Weekend: Kickboxing, piano, an adult bday party and hopefully some slackin'.
2. No! Two cases of laryngitis and one bladder infection. * sigh *
3. No flu shots. We obviously have super-human immune systems.
4. I'm the climber in the family (not the social kind...the fence kind.)

:^) Anna

Justine said...

Now that is one good looking kid, upper respiratory infection or not!

Plans. Tonight we went to a comedy club with a whole shitload of our neighbors and had a blast! Tomorrow the inlaws are coming over with their best friends, driving 3-1/2 hours to get here.

Nope, not flu shots.

Nope, no monkey.

Justine :o )

Briana said...

weird we had a 1/2 day today. LOL what a cutie.

Plans - Fall Fest at the Dallas Arbourateum.

Yes everyone is ok.

Flu - not this year.

Justin is the climber.

John Deere Mom said...

1.Hosting my baby sister's bridal shower
2.Everyone is fairly healthy...knock on wood
3.Little Miss got hers...the rest of us (minus Farm Guy..don't know why) are getting them this month
4.Cole is definitely the climber...tractors, wagons, hay bales, name it!

Unknown said...

Hope Remi is feeling better soon...

1 ... Just lazing around the house. Watch a race. Get housework done. Blog ..

2 ... We are both well.

3 ... Jay probably is. I won't be as the flu shot makes me really ill and badly effects my immune system. After my third shot and my third winter of serious illness, including pneumonia, my Dr suggested I forgo them.

Have been disgustingly healthy, in the years since, apart from one bout with the flu last year. But that was done with in around a week and I wasn't that sick, compared to others I know.

However, if people don't have any ill effects from the shot, I strongly advise them to get it.

4 ... Yes, all of my kids and the grandkids seem to have been bitten by the same spider as well !!! Apparently, I was a climber as well...

Tonya Staab said...

1. swimming & picking up my cricut from the SITS girls.
2. nearly all on the mend.
3. this week ... at least they are supposed to be in stock then
4. oh heck yes. 2 of them. The boys!

Angie's Spot said...

Weekend plans include a house party and a 4th bday party.

We are all suffering with sinus issues due to this lovely East TN weather change.

Hubby & the girls will get them, but not me. I flat out refuse.

Both my girls are serious climbers!