Thursday, October 9, 2008

Eye Feast - Mystery Photos

Here we go again!

It's time for you to guess, and me to sit back and laugh silly at your attempts.

Give me your best shot.
Make me laugh.

Are these too easy or too hard?


Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

Oh crap, I'm first. The pressure!
I guess...
- the side of a glass
- a leaf
- the seam of...something
- the bottom of a soda can
- pillow or duvet decoration

Justine said...

Okay, the first one looks to me like...
A plastic shower curtain

The second, and this one is hard, looks like...
A wrinkled table cloth.

third is...
A moth

The underside of a really ugly statue

The edge of a sofa/chair

Justine :o )

KimmyJ said...

The first one is a shower curtain.....that's all I got.

Stephanie Carper said...

1. A crystal glass

2. Your sexy nightie

3. Looks like a cheese pizza, but I'm guessing some kind of moth

4.Decorative bowl

5. Throw pillow

Unknown said...

I know, I would hate to be first...somtimes I think this should be one of those games that helps to ward off early alzheimers...

***Nobody steal mine, I never play so it mazes me that I am even attempting***

Glass Goblet

Wrapping Paper

Absolutely no friggin clue

Maybe a toilet seat...?

Some brocade from an ottoman you got while vaationing in India?

That's all I got.


Anonymous said...

OK, all I got is that the last one is some fringey-border-y stuff on the edge of either a pillow or a sofa or a chair.

Tiffany said...

Clear shower curtain

silky tablecloth or some other fabric thingy- looks like it was folded up prior to photo

fabric trim of some type - maybe it has tassels attached to it?

sea shell

part of the same fabric that the close up or the fabric trim is from? Where are those tassels? It so looks like it should have tassels hanging from it to me. hee hee

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

No...not mystery photos. I suck at this game. So, therefore, I hate it :-) Do your kids do that??

1. Plastic shower curtain. Or it could be a plastic tarp. To protect your floor. Or your bed. From games. Of some sort.

2. A red star.

3. the edge of a pillow

4. Drums

5. More pillow designs

Yeah. I got nothin'

Ronnica said...

How do we know if they're hard if we aren't sure what they are? My guesses:

1. Plastic shower curtain
2. Wrapping paper
3. Grain
4. Plate
5. Pillow

Skeller said...

my guesses:

definitely a drinking glass.

a leaf?

no clue.

abalone shell?

some sort of decorative fringe.

Unknown said...

Woohoo ... I made it in time :-)

1 ... It's a crystal glass/vase/jug. Looks a lot like the pattern I have .. Crystal d Arque, Masquerade pattern :-)

2 ... The reflection of your red satin sheets in the mirror you have hung above your bed ?

3 ... It's something knitted. Maybe a V-necked sweater? If I'm not mistaken or going blind or still half asleep (well the last one is correct), that at the top is stocking stitch and you can see where two stitches have been knitted together to make the V. Am I right? :-)

4 ... Part of the inside of one of your animal's ear ??? :-)

5 ... I'm thinking it's a cushion, a table runner or a shawl. (Just playing my bases here!!)

steenky bee said...

Shower curtain or a glass
prom dress
awesome bowl
couch or chair

Monogramchick said...

fun pictures, the only one i think i know for sure is the shower curtain as #1....can't wait to see the reveal!

AdriansCrazyLife said...

Wow, I never get here early enough to play. Here are my best guesses.

1, Plastic shower curtain seems to be the prevailing idea or it could be one of those space blankets.
2. Shiny red wrapping paper
3. Looks like part of a starfish
4. Part of an abalone shell
5. The edge of a pillow or cushion.

OK, what are the FABULOUS prizes I've won??? Of course, I HAVE to win - it's my birthday!

Jennifer Warthan said...

The first one is a glass or candlestick... something crystal definitely!

Anonymous said...

1. Crystal candlestick (I agree with the cotton wife, who I assume is 100% cotton).

2. Red, delicious jello.

3. A delicious muffin from Starbucks.

4. An albalone shell soapdish.

5. The edge of a rug on the floor.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Too hard.


Lula! said...

Kat so went there with #1, didn't she? If you had the liberator, you wouldn't need a tarp to protect. Just sayin'.


I suck at this, but I'll try.

Shower curtain

a ruby or a Ring Pop

I don't know--but it kinda looks like maggots. Forgive me.

I don't know.

A decorative pillow.

See? No good at this!

Tonya Staab said...

1. a shower curtain
2. something a little sexy
3. something my kid threw up the other day
4. a shell
5. throw rug, mat or a cushion?

Mama Dawg said...

Superman's crystal cave (does he have such a thing?)

a leaf


a haunted toilet

granny's chair

Cathy said...

1. drinking glass

2. ring pop (yes I have kids and a tub of these from Sam's club)

3. again something with maggots and dried up maggots or rice..just kiddin', no clue

4. stainless steel prison /jail toilet..I work at police dept- I know what one looks like and not from personal experience.

5. trim on something, no clue

Insane Mama said...

I suck, I can't figure these out.

WAAAAA and I thought I was SO good at this

Valarie Lea said...

Bottom of a glass

a ruby

The Kracken from Pirates of Caribbean

A toilet bowl that needs some major cleaning

a pretty little lamp shade


Marrdy said...

I haven't visited you for so long!! Stupid new job.
My guesses are:
1 - Bacteria that eats away at my hands every day. (I am not a nut!)
2 - Dehydrated Salsa
3 - This has got to be a grasshopper head.
4 - My dear hubby's ear.
5 - Looks like some lovely curtains maybe.

Anonymous said...

The first one looks like a shower curtain?

One of them is possibly the inside of a flower?

The last one is some sort of upholstery trim?

Unknown said...

Side of a goblet

Cherry Ring Pop


Horse Hoof

Edge of a footstool.

Jen said...

here are my guesses.
1. a glass
2. a ruby or some gem
3. butterfly eye brows
4. clam shell
5. a chair maybe an old chair in a front porch.

Captain Dumbass said...

1. a glass
2. kinda looks like one of those crystal thingys from Ikea
3. hmm? a bee's ass?
4. nothing
5. lamp shade?

Anonymous said...

OMG this is my favorite game ever... for real!

1. some sort of appliance, like the dish washer or something

2. a piece of candy


4. an old plate

5. a curtain

Unknown said...

1. Shower Curtain
2. Wrapping Paper
3. Tassel
4. Toilet Bowl from the 70's
5. Sofa Pillow

That's my final answer.

Amy said...

I usually only 'lurk' and never guess, but here goes:


a christmas ornament of some sort

some sort of furniture

flower pot or an old!


Insane Mama said...

My kids guessed
Lamp shade
There is something wrong with them.

Tentcamper guessed
Faucet handle
decorative pillow

Susie said...

I don't know if I am too late but here it goes:

1. Shower curtain

2. Ruby

3. ???

4. Plate

5. Trim on upholstery.

They are kind of hard...unless I am right. Then they were easy:-) Hee, hee, hee.

Anonymous said...

Ok, these are lame I'm sure:
1. Bottom of glass/vase
2. Napkin
3. Middle of flower
4. Plate
5. Curtain
I'm probably so off but I don't care--it's still fun!

Anonymous said...

This is the most interesting post I've seen.
1. Shower curtain
2. Plastic Gem
3. Beaded bag
4. Pot
5. Upholstry on a chair.

You've got my best guess.

sassy stephanie said...

Yay! I may get some of these!!

1. crystal glass
2. red foil gift bag
3. what tha fuck is that? looks like termites.
4. motha fu...of pearl dish or ashtray
5. upholstered something or pillow

Ok, maybe I'm not going to get too many of these.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Sassy Stephanie funny.
OK, I promised I would try. I suck at this.
1. shower curtain
2. wrapping paper
3. dirty baseball
4. have no clue, can't even guess
5. table runner

Unknown said...

bar glass

Christmas gift bag

no clue

something "Mother of Pearl"

a decorative pillow

Tonya Staab said...

I got my swap gift. I got my swap gift. OMG I love it ALL. Wow.

I drink Chai latte every morning for breakfast and I love a good Chai tea during the day. Yummo. Oh and you are so fabulous sending notepads and pens b/c I seriously keep them everywhere ... never know when a bloggy thought might come into my head ha ha. Oh and I always keep packets of cute tissues in my handbag, how did you know I was down to my last packet? I'd keep carrying on but you'll get bored so I'll just send a giant smooch your way and tell you I love you and you're fabulous.

Tiffany said...

The liberator? What is the liberator? ;)

Stephanie Carper said...

Do it again! I love this stuff.

CrystalChick said...

A glass of gin and tonic
A large fake ruby
An upside down starfish
An abalone shell
A decorative hand towel

Gosh Rhea, these were soooooo easy. ;) hehe