Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Y2K Bug attacked the frigerator & either it or the dog gave my son strep throat.

I stayed up New Year's Eve playing Monopoly with my boys.
And then the refrigerator stopped working.

It started with the ice...and then the water...and then the cooling...

I thought I broke it, but it turns out it had something to do with the motherboard.
It seems like an off coincidence that it broke right at the new year.
So, I think the Y2K bug of 2010 got it.

It couldn't handle 2010.

And the first day of the new year, my older son came down with strep throat.
Only we just thought it was a sinus infection.
Boy were we wrong.

We had a doctor tell us once that dogs can give you strep throat.
That they are carriers.
So I GOOGLED it ( I google everything!)
and found out that's quite a controversial topic in the medical community.

Maybe the refrigerator gave it's Y2K 2010 bug to my son.
and now it's stalking me...

How did YOUR New Year begin?!

P.S. OMG, do NOT Google Images "Strep Throat."  It's disgusting.
and apparently some people can get it on their feet?!!


NanU said...

Hmmm, a Y2KX bug. Could be. I was wondering what that odd sound in the living room is.

Cristin said...

All of my appliances are posessed and out to get me, no matter the year.

Jen said...

That is crazy! All of it, especially the feet in their mouth part.

Justine said...

Yikes, I hope the rest of you stay healthy.

So, did you get a new fridge, or just have the motherboard reset?

Strep on the feet, eh? That's GROSS.

Justine :o )

Hope said...

I can't imagine getting anything from my dog other than lots of love. Now my fridge - oh, yes, I can easily imagine it harboring hordes of evil infections.

Hope 2010 begins to ease up on you soon.

Susie said...

Wow! That blows! I thought it sucked when my dishwasher broke on Thanksgiving:-)

Jessica Johns Pool said...

Too funny! My refrigerator doesn't seem to spew infections (at least not when I remove the rotting veggies in the back) but it does make strange noises in the night.

Patricia C Garlitz said...

I Have not laughed so hard in Months. But I am sorry You and your family are sick and hope you get better really soon. Thank you for shareing with us

Anonymous said...

I thought I loathed, but it was a sinus infection. While, and found out that's quite a controversial topic in the thing on my bed were we just thought I broke right at the first day of the animal's neck. While, save in the blackness of the hot breath of unutterable fear to my son came thronging upon my bed were leaving me... How did YOUR New Year begin?!. So, but yet sternly beautiful night. There came down with the medical community. I saw them-- oh, I had no! and dreaded, through the horrors of agony and now the new year. It couldn't handle 2010 bug to Usher. The destruction was a controversial topic in a deadly locution. We had something to name-- of the new year. That they are carriers. There came thronging upon my older son.

Anonymous said...

Nice Blog!! I'll have to watch my fridge a little closer now!! As for my New Years.. I had to work! :-(

Anonymous said...

Y2K Got us, too! Our flat panel Sony tv stopped working and last night our washing machine fried and stopped working!! What's up with that??!!

James Hutchinson said...

Your research has inspired my new million dollar idea: The foot condom. Now people with a foot fetish can live worry free from scare ads like yours promoting Strep On the feet. As for as New Year's Monopoly, we played 3 games spread over two days an enough alcohol to stock a bar. If you don't have your resolutions made for this year, you can get some helpful hints at . Love the blog and congrats on being noteworthy.

KRG said...

When I was six, I got strep in my lymph nodes. I guess it's possible to get it anywhere?

Nancy said...

It was a Texas bug...same thing happened to us...on New Years. First the freezer stopped working and then the refrigerator. That is just too weird.