Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Celery isn't Lettuce & Elvis isn't Wine.

My mom & I sent my 12 yr old son to get some celery out of the refrigerator...
and he brought back lettuce.

I think we need to talk vegetables.
Maybe I should take my boys to the grocery store and pop quiz them on veggies.

Wait, lettuce and celery ARE vegetables, right?!

We did go to the grocery store the other day...to order my younger son's birthday cake.
He almost choose this one:

But I got distracted by the cupcake section:
There were cupcakes every color of the rainbow.
It was mesmerizing.

And there were cute little cakes in the shapes of bugs.
Cute bugs.

And as we were leaving...I saw a section of wine.

They had hilarious names, like  Jailhouse Rock Merlot

I know Elvis made music...but I don't think Elvis ever made wine.

Do you get Elvis?
I don't.
Maybe I'm not old enough?
Or cool enough?

What celebrity would you like to see on wine?
Do you ever drink wine?


Anonymous said...

I kiiind of get Elvis, but I'm not sure he belongs on a wine bottle. I would put him in the same category as the great JC, (not Jesus Christ, but Johnny Cash), and would find him much more appropriate for a beer line. Or some sort of pharmaceutical that people tend to abuse.

You know who I could see on a wine bottle? Billie Holiday. Sure she was a heroin addict, but I bet she took the edge off with a nice glass of vino.

Susie said...

Mario Andretti has a winery and the wine is really yummy:-)

Jessica Johns Pool said...

Love the celery/lettuce story. I can see that happening in my house!

Did you have a little lesson afterwards? I mean other than the cupcake tour? :-)

John MacAyeal said...

Your son may not be alone. When I got a job at HEB in Austin I had to take a produce-identification class before I could start working. At the end of the class the instructor would hold up fruits and vegetables and you had to identify them to pass. I failed it, but was given a second chance and passed.

What's funnier is that before you're given a job interview at HEB, you have to take a test showing pictures of such common foods as bananas and apples and identify them. This was in 1995. I don't know if they go to such extremes now. Probably they've gotten worse. I wouldn't be surprised if you have to prove that you can count to 10 before you get an interview. I'd probably fail that one.

Tattoo Gee said...

Queen would be an awesome band to have on wine, even though I personally don't drink it myself...

Justine said...

So which cake DID he get?

Elvis, I certainly remember him from my childhood. He died when I was 7.

I don't drink wine and don't know who I'd want to see on a bottle. Someone hot though.

Justine :o )

Unknown said...

I need to get a bottle of wine just to have in my wine rack! Not a big Elvis fan but the wine looks cheesy enough to be cool. LOL

Anonymous said...

I get Elvis, but not in the "I want to drink from a bottle with your face on it" kind of way. I would like to see no wines with celebrities on it.

Hope said...

I am definitely old enough to get Elvis - I just don't like to.

I don't drink, but the cupcakes gave me an idea (also Heather Armstrong's blog at dooce.com/daily-style about wine names - is some one out there coordinating this?). Wines could come with real names and accompanying personalities - "Fred - Robust and Full" - "Gail - Light and Flighty" - "Sarah - Tall and Plain."

Think it'll catch on?

Bethany said...
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Amanda Wissmann said...

Found you through a friend :) Enjoy the blog!!!

I get distracted by bright colors too...LOL! Now I am craving cake...thanks a lot ;)

Anonymous said...

Beatles wine........ just imagine Yesterday Pinotage........... after a bottle of the plonk I coul really sing .... yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away... etc

Bethany said...
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Bethany said...

I do not get the Elvis thing either. I don't think it is an age thing, just a fan thing. I'm too young for the Elvis thing, too; but I think "I Love Lucy" stuff is adorable. So, there you go…
I just started reading your blog about a week ago, and it is always so fun to read. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...




Keda said...

Don't get the Elvis thing. It's probably just a gimmick to get people to buy it. Some people are obsessive fans and would buy anything with their object of desire's face on it.