Monday, January 4, 2010

Bedazzled Designer Face Masks will be all The Rage by next Winter.

All of you with kids know that we're supposed to cough and sneeze a "new" way now, right?

The Bloggess was talking about this recently as well.
Instead of into your hands, you're supposed to do it into your sleeve...or armpit direction.
This is to help prevent the spread of viruses. 
Makes sense and sounds easy, in theory...but it's much harder to practice.

My "new cough" form sucks.
I get an F in execution.

BUT, the solution may be to walk around wearing those surgeon face masks instead.
The ones I've seen are freaky and something out of a horror movies, frankly, so we need to start making them in different colors...and personalized with nicknames and sayings....DESIGNER face masks!

Those pictured above are not exactly what I had in mind.
I was thinking nice color combinations with pink and brown and turquoise,
with swirls or flowers or plaids or stripes...

and we need to bedazzle the crap out of them.

Because I buy anything that's shimmery or shiny or has rhinestones.

Questions for you:
Have you ever bedazzled anything?
Would you ever bedazzle anything?
Would you wear a face mask?
Do you sneeze or cough the "new" way?


Mark E. DaSacco said...

Never bedazzled anything,though I have sewn too many sequins on costumes in the early 90's for the Rocky Horror Picture Show thing we did.I think there will always be some of those ubiquitous things lurking about here!I like the face mask designs!And I usually do sneeze the "new" way(been doing it for some time actually.)Good post! :)

NanU said...

Bedazzling has never been my thing.
Blocking the spread of a cough or sneeze with an elbow or forearm, however, has long been second nature if a tissue is not in reach in time. Using the palm of your hand is just the very best way of spreading it around (does anybody go back and wipe off the doorknob on the -outside- of the bathroom after rushing in there to wash their hands full of sneeze?)!
I kind of like the idea of fun masks. I'd have a smiley-face.

Cristin said...

I've always sneezed and coughed the 'new' way... and I've been known to wear a mask around very sick people, but only at work. I would LOVE to get some of those silly ones!

Anonymous said...

I love this post! My son actually informed me of this new process of sneezing...

I don't own a bedazzled anything but I have used a hot glue gun to do the same process. I have worn a face mask and I don't sneeze the new way but I do wash my hands right after I sneeze.

hawtwheels said...

I actually make custom rhinestone/rhinestud transfers!!! I have a small business in Ohio and we turn your designs into transfers that you can iron on yourself.

As for the new coughing/sneezing form, I too get an "F" for execution.

Stephanie Ann said...

I actually have bedazzled a few things in my time. Of course that was like 15 years ago...sooooo.... yeah.

Also I do cough the "new way" but I usually get strange stares from people when they see me coughing into my armpit. LOL

S Club Mama said...

I've never bedazzled anything, I would if I knew how to do it correctly without it looking like it was made for a 3-year-old girl (unless it was for a 3-year-old girl). I would wear a face mask if I were sick with h1n1 to prevent spreading it to my kids (and so I could still do my running around to wal-mart without being a germ-spreading meanie). I do sneeze the "new" way bc Elmo was so kind and taught my 2-year-old so I want him to be able to do it, too. However, he coughs and sneezes into his forearm area AFTER the real sneezing or coughing. LOL

Screwed Up Texan said...

Um, does sneezing as loud as you can while walking out of Walmart without covering your mouth at all count as an F? In my defense, I was only sneezing b/c of a reaction to bright light (I'm weird like that).

Jen said...

I can honestly say that I have never bedazzled anything in my life.

Justine said...

ROFL! Nope, never have bedazzled anything, although it looks like fun and I do like shiny stuff.

Erm... no on the face mask.

Yep, when in public I cough or sneeze the "new" way.

Justine :o )

Susie said...

Those are CRAZY! I have never bedazzled:-)

Grand Pooba said...

best. idea. ever.

Sadly I have never bedazzled anything but why not?

Grand Pooba said...

Oh and no, probably wouldn't wear a face mask and I have never sneezed the "new" way unless elbow counts, I have done that but not on purpose lol!

Momo Fali said...

I pull the neck of my shirt out and cough and sneeze down my shirt. But, I would totally give up that method for a bedazzled face mask!

moosh in indy. said...

I've been a "new wave" sneezer for years (mom's a nurse) and you give me a bedazzler?

Hope said...

I have been a sleeve-sneezer for years - face masks freak me out although I really have no idea why (I do love the idea of dressing them up) - and I have never touched anything bejeweled in my life (my mother tried unsuccessfully to raise a pink-draped, gracious and polite young lady but was stuck with tom-boy, horse-crazy me instead).

number1momx3 said...

I have helped my daughter Bedazzle some of her clothes and that thing is a pain to use (literally!). It left my fingers aching and most of the rhinestones didn't make it through the first washing!

I did love the masks you had pictured. Very good idea! I bet that would be a very lucrative business venture these days!!