Tuesday, January 19, 2010

They don't look dangerous.

Can you tell what's on this pier?
What kind of animal is covering every single inch of it?

The sign in the photo below warns of dangerous Sea Lions.


They don't look dangerous, do they?


Susie said...

Dangerous as puppies:-)

Susie said...

Dangerous as puppies:-)

Delia said...

So cute!! Can I take one home?

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

They look like they might snuggle you to death.

NanU said...

well, they are plenty dangerous to people who find them cute and go try to pet them. At several hundred pounds per adult, if these carnivores get it into their heads that you're going to feed them, watch out!

Jennifer Warthan said...

Not sure I want to find out!

Chicken said...

The first time I visited Astoria, Oregon (Home of Goonies) I saw them lined up like this on the piers, barking, sleeping, and sunning themselves. We had the same warnings not to go near them. However, if I can't outrun a fat sealion I figured I have bigger problems in life.

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C and C Mommy said...

I have snorkeled with them....they aren't very friendly & very large!!

becky s said...

They will bite! They're only cute from a distance, that's for sure. (And not really cute if you fish - they are fish-stealers!)