Sunday, January 3, 2010

Himalayan Salt Lamps

A couple of weeks ago I was at Third Monday Trade Days
and discovered a peculiar booth selling salt lamps.

Himalayan Salt Lamps from Pakistan.

Apparenlty these lamps are made from pure salt that has formed in the Himalayan Mountains over millions of years.  People believe warming the salt (by putting a small bulb in it) generates negative ions in the air, which makes air smell fresher and easier to breathe. 

I'd love to visit the Himalayans.

"Many medical studies in Europe have supposedly shown that these salt lamps provide health benefits and relief from hay fever, asthma and allergy relief, improvement with sinus related illnesses, migraines and reduce susceptibility to colds and flu.

Negative ions can enhance the immune system, increase mental alertness and concentration, purify indoor air and control odors, plus many additional reported health benefits."

People think going into salt mines can be healing and restorative.

I don't know if any of this is true.
But it sounds cool.

I'm not going to buy stock in them
or build a house out of salt quite yet...

although the idea of exploring a salt mine sounds really awesome.

It makes an awesome nightlight and a fun gift.


ROOM 240 said...

If you really want to visit the himalayas,ladakh(india) is the place to come to.Quaint old monastries,huge lakes,world's highest road and of course,rugged mountains,its got everything!Need more information?Do contact me.

Rhea said...

Are you offering to buy my airline fare and accomadations? hehe

Justine said...

Did you at least buy them to see if you like em?

Justine :o )

Rhea said...

I left that out of the post, didn't I? Yes, I bought one for my son's room.

Unknown said...

We have had two of them for a couple of years now, hard to tell if they really work, but they look great.

sophia said...

Beautiful lamps!
If I had been there, I would have got them. I love them. It looks like a calcareous cave I once visited..

I've just begun to writing a blog but it's a good idea to put some nice pictures on a blog..

Sicilian said...

Hi Rhea!
Found your blog on blogs of note. Love your style, and love that you too like to visit Texas Trade Days.
I'll be back!

Anonymous said...

I saw you tweet about this earlier today so had to pop by to see what they were like. I like it. Bet my son would love one for his room. Mmm, wonder if they do work?

Daniel Taverne said...

Very Interesting little snippit here. I think I could use some negative ions.. ha ha...A physical therapist company I worked for had an"air cleaner" that supposedly generated negative ions... not sure if it had health benefits but the air always smelled like the air around an indoor swimmingpool. I imagine those salt lamps are expensive. Nice little post here. My blog is "forward Observer: Peering from a Fox Hole" God bless... Dan

LCO's said...

We have salt mines here in Utah by the Great Salt Lake but they look nothing like that :(. They look like big piles of, well, salt. Those are gorgeous.

ROOM 240 said...

Can take care of accommodation.Its quite cheap anyways.You manage the air fares.:)

Ashley Ashbee said...

They look like radioactive potatoes. Maybe we should stop polluting the earth. That would probably help asthma even more than these.

ahsan said...

nice contents

Ivylfa said...

I used to have the salt lamps :) I didn't find that they worked very well for the "asthma" or migraines, but it was pretty! :)
I do enjoy reading your blog...I just started my