Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I think he's seen too many action movies

This is Donny, my 12 year old,
who is a straight A student in the 6th grade.
Sometimes the hormone brothers pop in,
but otherwise he's a laid back kid.

Last September, I posted a letter of warning about him.
Because of his new bebe gun.

He's been very responsible with it all year.
Until last week.

He came home on the bus, as usual.
but couldn't find his keys.

My husband, who's been working from home,
had left to go pick up our younger son from school.
And my elderly father was home, but couldn't hear the door.

Donny was locked out.

So, he had the brilliant idea to go to the backyard,
where he'd left his bebe gun.
(he's not supposed to leave it outside)
and then...

he used to the gun...


How many times have we seen shows or movies where the hero shoots the lock?!

Good Lord have Mercy, a seriously lack of judgment there.

We had a loooooooooong talk about it.

BTW, he says he shot at an angle, so the bebe wouldn't ricochet back and hit him.
And he hit the door, so he has good aim...
we have a dent to prove it.

Should I be proud of his ingenuity



(have you seen this amazing corn art?)


Kat said...

That sounds like something my brother would have done at that age. It must be a boy thing.

Anonymous said...

That makes me giggle a little.

Although, if it were my kid, I'd be going crazy on him!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

I guess the fact that he was thinking about protecting himself is good...but I think I would be horrified in the end.

Sprite's Keeper said...

I am myself impressed and a little horrified so I don't have a clear answer for you.

Jen said...

now that is creative thinking gone a little hay wire.

Brandy said...

Oh Lord! The things that boys do! LOL!


Brandy said...

...a day late. Oops!

Well that *almost* makes up for the fact that you are younger than me and I resent it. A little.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Ummm. This is one of those times that I thank my lucky stars that I have girls. I think.

All Things BD said...

I'd say equal parts pride and horror. :)

San said...

Be proud of the ingenuity, Rhea.

BUT I'm glad you had the loooooooooooog talk. If there's a next time, it'll have to be loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooger.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna say proud. at least he had the thought of cocking it at an angle so he wouldn't get hit.. some boys that wouldn't have even occured to them.

Sally-Ann said...

At least he had a plan and the plan was to get into the house. Not many boys think ahead and make a plan

Alison said...

Did he get the door open??!!!

Two biggest causes of eye damage are improper use of beebee guns and camping with beer bottles (tell Donny that Michael said so!)

Susie said...

I think that you should be both!

Misty DawnS said...

No comment... my prized possession was my bb gun. Stop it - I am TO a girl!

lynette355 said...

out cher' they'ed say it was almost time to go deer hunting.


Gotta love male ingenuity!

Joy, via Welcomistas

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Boys will be boys!!!

I think God gave me girls because boys would have given me a heart attack!

Justine said...

OMG, I was just thinking, what about ricochet, but the kid had it all worked out, didn't he????? Little stinker. So how did he finally get in?

Justine :o )

Cristin said...

I love the way he thinks! Oh and keep him away from my kid... thanks.

Mama Dawg said...

Can you be both?

Shannon said...

I would be both... I'd have laughed first, then would have been mad!

Angie's Spot said...

Have I mentioned again about how happy I am that I have girls instead of boys? No bebe guns in our future.

Rita Barakat said...

Oh my gosh that terrifies me- I have three boys and it would not be farfetched for them to do something similar! Thank God he's OK!

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