Friday, April 17, 2009

A Middle-Schooler's homework

This was my 12 yr old son's homework last night.

A speech comparing Japanese & American School Systems
(written from a Japanese Student's perspective)

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen
I wish to bring to your eyes the state of your school system compared to ours. Your school systems reward good passing grades with more supplies and school funds, and the schools that don’t get as many passing grades get fewer funds. As to ours, where all schools get the exact same supplies and funds. Also, your schools do not challenge their students enough, like how they don’t have enough science and math classes.
. Opposed to our schools which have such high expectations they are require to take entrance exams, and they are so tough that they go to a summer school called a Juku to prepare for the exams.
Our teachers get high respect and pay, which generally increases how well they teach. Where yours are respected but not paid to well. So, I hope you take this information into consideration.
By Donny Thomas

Isn't that interesting?
Do we not work our kids hard enough?
I wonder if the Japanese have PE...or focus any on the arts?

Coming tomorrow...
how a mom in the suburbs and her two boys break the law...
all for the sake of art.


Momo Fali said...

I think that teachers not making enough money hit the nail on the head. Our teachers are WAY underpaid. It's sad, really.

Expat From Hell said...

As a former teacher in Japan, I can tell you that 1) They are highly regarded in their society, 2) They are very well-paid, and 3) The results speak for themselves.
Tell Donny to hang in there - he is getting the best education - but it isn't from his school, it's from his Mom.



lynette355 said...

i think that he has made many valid points

Unknown said...

It is obviouse that they value education more than we do here...or at least are more active in rewarding proper education...

We need some change...for sure...BUT I think we can't just rely on the schools...we as parents need to be involved...I have seen too many time parents shocked that their kids can't read at grade level...a parent should NEVER be shocked...they should KNOW.

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

As a teacher here, I think we work our kids hard enough...often it's the parent's lack of involvement that is the problem!

You are doing a great job!!!

Someone said...

Teachers are under paid, I give credit to them for being able to have 20-30 kids a day to keep interested in learning. My kids go to a science school so they do get more exposure to math and science.

Justine said...

I don't know Donny-son. My kids' curriculum is NOT easy. But I do agree that our teachers get sucky pay.

Justine :o )

MaryRC said...

our diverse minds and creativity (which is getting cut more and more) will get us farther than every child on the same curriculum learning new technology the country's only export which is drowning them horribly these days. diversify!! our teachers do deserve more respect and pay though!