Friday, August 29, 2008

Princess Annie-Pie

When we adopted Annie a year ago from DFW Lab Rescue, we didn't know we had taken royalty into our family. But, it didn't take us long to realize that we had a princess in our midst.

Presenting, Her Royal Highness, Princess Annie-Pie!

When Annie wants to go outside, she comes to me and lies her head on my lap. Often she just wants to go outside in the backyard to lay on the deck and sun. Here she is sunning.

In our backyard, we have stepping stones. Annie chooses not to get her paws dirty and uses these stones to reach the deck. She also doesn't go outside if it's raining or muddy. She doesn't like to get dirty. If she does get dirty, she spends hours licking and cleaning. I'm not kidding.

Everywhere Princess Annie goes, she is covered in flowers and followed by butterflies. She loves nature (as long as she doesn't get dirty), and she loves to sniff the wind, like she is here in this photo.

Oh, how we love our Princess Annie-pie. Our lives would not have been complete with her.

As she lays upon her royal bed, she dreams of chasing bunny rabbits and chewing bones.

I asked the boys a few questions about Annie, just for fun:

What is your favorite thing that Annie does?
Remy: yawn and howl
Donny: howl
It's true, her howls are awesome. She doesn't bark, but when she's really excited, she gives an awesome howl. We're always howling at her to try and get her to do it.

What's the funniest (most funny) thing Annie does?
Remy: licking her private parts and the butt scootch
Donny: the butt scootch
I actually got it on video. hehe

What do you think is ANNIE's favorite thing to do?
Remy: Wait, let me go ask her. (he runs to go talk to her and comes back) Lick her feet!
Donny: Playing rough with us on the bed and going for car rides

What would you have named Annie if she hadn't already came with her name?
Remy: Butt Scootch!
Donny: Princess.

And, there you have it!

She is truly happiest riding in the car, sleeping in bed with the boys or just being with the boys.

Do you have royalty in your family like we do? Does he/she have any funny quirks?
We can't have the only dog who won't go outside in the rain and walks on stepping stones, right?


Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

Aw, Princess Butt-Scootch.
I absolutely adore those Annie pictures!
My dogs also refuse to go out in the rain. They look at me like, uh, mom, there's WATER falling out of the SKY! WTH?
They butt-scootch, too, and one of them likes to sleep under my pillow.....they're so quirky!

Unknown said...

In the last picture you can actually see Annie smiling. How awesome is that? Since our two geckos can not get out of their tanks, I will discuss Master Thomas Jefferson, although not royalty, he does possess a certain aire about him that leads him to think he still has presidential power...we fight over political position all the time. I, not being of the pet variety in our home, am the self-proclaimed princess! I have a tiara to prove it!

All Things BD said...

She is so cute!!

We have no pets yet. We used to have fish, but left the large tanks in CA when we moved. We're putting off getting a dog for as long as possible because The Man and I are lazy, and my youngest is still a little afraid of dogs.

Justine said...

Aw, Annie looks like a little princess! how old was she when you adopted her? She still looks very young to me. I think it's awesome how much your boys obviously love her. Awww... I'm just sitting here staring at the pic of her with the boys and it's too sweet!!!!!!!!!

Justine :o )

Shannon said...

No, she's not the only one. Our Izzy will not go outside in the rain either. Unless I go with her.

Cute pics... Annie was born to wear a tiara! And that last pic, she looks purely blissful to be in the arms of her boys :)

Jen said...

Ok so Annie is so sweet looking. You almost make me want a dog just like her, almost. If it weren't for all the human animals here maybe we would.

We only have a cat. Not anywhere near royalty. He is lucky if we remember to feed him and he doesn't get his tail stepped on.

Jen said...

Ok so I checked out your top commenter's and I can't believe that I fell off the list. Totally not fair. I think that I may have to pout about it for a while.

Karen said...

We have Labs too. My Lab/Chow mix (we think?) is a funny little thing. She's not quite a princess, but maybe a diva. When she hears sirens.....well she tries to sing along.....pitch for pitch.

I love your sweet Annie.

Jennifer and Sandi said...

ummmm..........does Annie know she's a lab and that lab's adore water in any form? She's beautiful. My chocolate lab, Rocky, lives for me turning on the garden hose and then it's a rodeo.


Angie's Spot said...

LOVE the pics! And the enhancements. LOL! Especially the flower collar and butterflies all around. Too funny! We used to have a princess in our house. She was my German Shepherd named Meeko. Gosh, I miss her.

Lula! said...

You need a princess, since there's only one Queen in your mix. She helps balance it out...what with a King and two princes! stuff...but I need your address first, please.

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

How sweet! Everybody is so happy with her...and Annie is happy with them:)

sassy stephanie said...

My heart is melting!!

We have a yellow named Sydney. She is such a blonde. She however, does not mind getting dirty. She loves to swim in our pond and chase the chickens on our neighbor's ranch. She loves to wrestle with my little Trouble. I guess being a girl dog, she is so protective of my kids. More than any male lab I have seen.

Funny thing is, when my Trouble was turning one, I told my hubby he needed a dog, since every boy needs a dog growing up. Am I right? Well, yes, always right. My hubby was so against the idea. Finally, manipulated *cough* convinced hubby we needed a dog. Hubby said dog was totally my responsibility: cleaning up after, fixing what dog breaks/chews/digs, feeding dog, etc. Sydney and hubby are the best of friends. I think hubby gives her more love than anyone else in the family!

Now, since we are on these 12 acres, I am trying to manipulate *cough* talk hubby into another lab so Syd has a buddy to romp around with.

Anonymous said...

hi! i just stumbled on your blog, and i love it! very fun :) and your dog is absolutely adorable! i will be visiting again soon!

be sure to swing by The Pink Potpourri this weekend...we have weekly giveaways, so come by and enter to win! this week's is great!

Anonymous said...

Our dog doesn't think she's a princess, but our cat thinks he's king of the house.

Danyele Easterhaus said...

love the ps'ing!!! so fun! and that dog is really sweet. i want a sweet dog. our dog is getting old and annoying...she even snips at the kiddos now. booo!

tiarastantrums said...

we have a light yello wlab as well . . Mia, lays her head in my lap, so kind and gentle with the children. Never growls or barks at them. She hates to get dirty or wet as well. She loves her collar, if youtake it off, she gets veryupset and runs back andforth for you to put it back on!!

Mama Dawg said...

No royalty here. However, I have a cat with no eyes and an 18 lb cat who's scared of EVERYTHING even though he looks like he eats razor blades for breakfast.

They're also both gay. Although you know that already.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Awe, I like the little daydream clouds above her head. We have a little Llasa Ahpso who unfortunately does not get as much attention from me as my little guy gets. My husband has to remind me that we are all he knows. And then I am sweet for a few days until it wears off and I am reminded again. I'll go home and give our Tucker extra love today!!!

Staci Loalbo said...

she is beautiful!!!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Annie looks like she was born to wear that tiara. Maybe being a princess will help you get a job. Just do a little name dropping :-)

Well, we have these kittens. Who think that they are royalty. As they destroy my house for their own personal pleasure...

Anonymous said...

What a sweet dog! We had a black lab who was our princess! If it was raining she would stick her head out and right back in she came! No rain for her! We had her nine years and two weeks ago yesterday we had to put her to sleep! I still miss her! So, enjoy your princess everyday!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet dog! We had a black lab who was our princess! If it was raining she would stick her head out and right back in she came! No rain for her! We had her nine years and two weeks ago yesterday we had to put her to sleep! I still miss her! So, enjoy your princess everyday!

Insane Mama said...

My Amy is a spaz! I don't think she could be royalty, but she is super cute! and yes, my Amy sleeps on the bed too and loves car rides

Jennifer and Sandi said...

She is a lovely lab!! What a wonderful addition to your family!


- Jennifer

Jules said...

Yup! Princesses. Gotta love 'em.
I only have princes here - and me - the royal minion! LOL

Indy said...

She looks like she is smiling in the photos. So sweet.

Anonymous said...

She is quiet the princess!!

Vader doesn't like to go out in the rain and sometimes we have to get the umbrella out just to get him in the yard.

Valarie Lea said...

Hi Stacy!!! Thats my cousin right above me, Vader Mom. :)

I love to see Princess Annies smile. :)

Well Cannon is scared of our steps in our house. He will go upstairs, but will not come down. Even if it is only up two stairs, he will not come down. He is a big scardy dog. :)

Utter Basketcase said...

Oh thats gorjus!!!

And BLESS YOU for adopting her! You're forever in my heart!!!!

HOW GORJUS is the pic at the end with the boys!! Look at her beautiful smile!!!

And yes, we have quite a few princes and princesses here!


Peewee was the worst, she wasn't shy to tell you off! In the mornings she would come and jump on my bed, wake me up and start winging at me to get off my lazy arse and fill their food bowl!

Then, when I didn't feed her her favourite (Chicken casserole) I would never hear the end of it! "WHats this crap???" I sware she would say!

She would follow me around just telling me off until I got her what she wanted!

She was always Hubbys Bitch! She was obsessed with him! Only wanted cuddles from him, and whenever I would lean in to kiss him... she would put her paw on my face to to push me away!

LMAO!!! I adored her, she was a real character and my lil princess!

May she rest in peace. xx

Chatterness said...

I love the way you live life!! Your boys are awesome...and so is Annie!

Claremont First Ward said... fun to read about your very own princess!

Susie said...

She is too cute!!

Hey, I know you have like 50 billion awards but, I just had to give you another one today. You are my favorite new read:-)

L said...

LOL I love the pic of her in her bed.

Cristin said...

Butt scootch... eeeewwwww....

It's nice to see someone who likes their dog.... mine is the bane of my existence.

Casey's trio said...

I love how Remy couldn't get over the butt scootch! From the looks of the last picture, it looks like the love is mutual:)

TentCamper said...


TentCamper said...

Gotta love the Butt Scootch

CrystalChick said...

Annie is such a sweet princess! And you are really doing alot of fun things with Picnik!! What a fun program. :)