Monday, August 4, 2008

Vacation mystery photos

I'm back home from our vacation on the Guadalupe River! It was an awesome fun-filled, family reunion. The only thing that sucked was the looooong drive (almost 8 hours!) there and back.

I have tons of pictures to share (I took well over three hundred) but for now, I'll leave you with these two views from our rooms and three mystery photos. The first two mystery photos look easy, right? Are they really....and the third one is a stumper. :o)

Answers will be posted later today!


Insane Mama said...


Top of soda cans

Those horse things they make out of rubber and they hang on trees, like a tire swing.

Glad your back.

Anonymous said...

peach butt : )
caffeine free diet cokes, upside down
and, yep, rubber tire horse swing - our neighbor has one... otherwise I'd have had no idea!

Cristin said...


Beer cans

Rubber tire swing animal thingie...

Valarie Lea said...


Still thinking

Horse Tire swing

sassy stephanie said...

I'm so super jealous. I missed my yearly girlfriend trip to the river and Canyon Lake this year, b/c my husband thought "work" was more important than staying behind with the kids so I could party like it's 1999. guesses:

Fredericksburg peaches!

canned jellies/james/picante sauce in some cute shop in Gruene

horse shaped tire swing

Jen said...

What a beautiful view. I am so glad that you are back. I missed all your comment love'n.
My guesses
sugar cookies
glass tops
tire swing.


Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Have I told you before how much I hate puzzles? I really just want to know the answers. I am not patient. Not one bit. So, I admit to being rather stumped. About all of them. The first one looks like Apples. Or maybe peaches. The second one. I have no idea. Cans? The third looks like a bridle thing. But it's rubber. I don't know. You can tell me. Just whisper...

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Oh...and the river pictures...just gorgeous! I can't wait to see more pictures of all your fun!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...


Cans (beer or soda)

one of those horses made out of tires for a swingset?

Claremont First Ward said...

It looks beautiful. The first one looks like and arse but I'm guessing it to be nectarines.....?????

CrystalChick said...

I'm visiting too late for guessing, but the river picture is sure nice! Glad you had fun. :)

Jennifer said...

wow. what an awesome view!! :) great pics. :) Can i guess the mystery pics even though I have already seen the answers?? lol


i beati said...

looks like a really great place