Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bathroom Confessions & Football Gear

As you can tell from my myster photos from yesterday, we went to Academy a few days ago.

We had to buy my older son, Donny, who's eleven, some football gear. It was surprisingly challenging. Especially since I never bought football gear before. Ever. I really don't know anything about it.

The boys had fun trying on helmets. Turns out, you need a helmet that hurts, just a little, and one that won't move when you shake your head and you can't fit a finger between it and your forehead. Did you know that? They also have pads inside the helmet. Cheeks pads and such.

Remy really wanted a helmet.
But they're expensive, y'all.
They cost from around $70 to $170.
So, we only got one for Donny. I mean, sheesh.

And, oh my gosh, there was this one kid trying on helmets, and he got a helmet STUCK on his head. STUCK. It took a dad and two store employees to pry it off. It was not a pretty sight.

Then, I had to go potty.

When you're in a stall, you should look at the ceiling.

You wanna know why?

Because once I was in a fancy hotel or restaurant bathroom with my mom, and she told me to look at the ceiling. I did, and my mouth dropped open. The ceiling was mirrored. We could see in EVERY stall. No privacy. And it was a nice establishment!!

So, now I look at bathroom ceilings. Paranoia, I guess.

While I was sitting on the toilet, I decided to take a picture of my foot.

Doesn't everyone take photos of their feet on the potty?



Just me?

See, I told you I painted my toes blue.

They match my newish flip-flops.

Those pink ankle beads were a gift in a Pinkalicious swap I participated in online.

You should sign up for those when you see them.

They're fun.

I wonder what my bathroom stallmates thought I was taking pictures of?


Then, after I washed my hands...

what, you doubt I washed my hands?

I did.

I think.

Anyway, I decided to take a picture of myself, in the bathroom mirror.

You do that too, right?

I wanted to catalog my new hair style.

Am I too old to wear braided pigtails?

Wait, don't answer that.

When I came out of the bathroom, I found Remy playing with Donny's shoulder pads.

Remy wanted some sooooo bad.

But, they were like $50, and I wasn't about to buy him some if he didn't NEED them.

Donny needed them.

Here are the football cleats we found for $30. Quite a deal, I think.
Although, seriously, all these cleats, whether for football, soccer or baseball,
they all looks pretty similar to me.
It's a racket, I tell you, a money racket, a conspiracy to separate me from my money.
And, oh, those other shoes in the picture, Donny got those at Payless for $11.
He loves them, and keeps telling everyone he got them for $11.
I'm trying to teach him to keep his mouth shut.
I mean, not EVERYONE needs to know we bought them for $11.

Did you know they sell slot machines at Academy?

My boys wanted to buy these.

How fun would that be?

They also sell these. Go-carts.

My boys also wanted them.

NO, we did not buy one.

When we got home, Donny put his near gear on.

Doesn't he look tough?

I can't believe my baby's going to be playing football.

My first born.

My little Donny-bear.


angela | the painted house said...

Was it hard not to laugh hysterically at the boy whose head was stuck in the helmet??? Once a kid got his head stuck in our cat door at our house. I thought I would have to break out a can of Crisco!

My mom totally has TWO slot machines at her house. My kids love em. Nothing like seeing a three-year-old dropping the quarters in the one-arm bandit!

Unknown said...

I never thought I'd be able to find another soul who paints their toes to match their flip flops!!! Soul Sister...that's what you are. Anyway, my beloved Daddy had all girls and he was a life long football junkie...he played, he coached, and towards the end he scouted for college teams, but he would have LOVED this post. He always got antsy this time of year...watching the small guys all the way up to the Pros...He just loved him some football. Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

OH! I want that go-cart! Funny about the glass know I'll be looking at ceilings every time I pee now! :-o

One thing I'll never have to worry about buying is football stuff because my son can't play football due to his implant.

All Things BD said...

It's like you're speaking a foreign language here. I don't get the sports stuff at all. Now ballet shoes...

Anonymous said...

Is he gonna let you wash the football gear? Most boys don't, you know.

And it stinks like NOTHING ELSE.

Stock up on Febreeze now, girl!!

Angie's Spot said...

I'm beginning to think that all of these extra-curricular activities are just a ploy to take our money. I signed up Big A for "real" dance class that starts next week. After spending $50 on color specific leotards and ballet shoes, I still have to go find tap shoes. My question is, what do they need tap shoes for in ballet class???

sassy stephanie said...

You had me until the foot picture. Then, it's all a blur. I got light headed and almost passed out. I don't do feet.

side note: HAIL no you are not too old for braids! I sport them on runs!

Jen said...

Oh my I am laughing so hard about you bathroom adventures, that I can bearly type. Only you, Rhea, only you. I just love you.
Now about the sports stuff, I am so not ready for that. Thankfully, I am a few years.

Unknown said...

LOL!! I need to start pulling my camera out more often! If you can do it in the bathroom...I can certainly do it anywhere!!

The sports those are the things I can't wait for. OH NO! Will I be a "soccer mom"?

Girl, you are having too much fun! Pass some of that over here!

Valarie Lea said...

Yep those helmets are why Lil Logan doesn't want to play football. They hurt his ears. :)

Karen said...

Mirrors on the ceiling? I would have been tempted to hold it. Funny how when one child gets something new how any other siblings want the same thing.

I'm diggin' the blue toe nails. Very cute!

Skeller said...

Cute flip flops, cute toes, cute pigtail braids!!


Go, Donny, GO!!!!

but yikes, I'd not ever considered how expensive it is to gear up one's child for football!!!!

CrystalChick said...

Cool flip flops and blue toenails!!
Ah yes, I have photographed myself in MY bathroom, in the mirror, but not on the toilet or in a public place.
Braided pigtails I've never worn but they look totally good on you!
Can you even believe how fast the kids grow??? Wow.
Have fun playing football, Donny! Remy, your turn is coming! :)

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Never in a million years would I have thought to take pictures while I was on the potty. Or in a bathroom. But look at you. All pretty with your anklets. And flip flops. And cute blue polish. You are too funny!

(and, OMG, the prices for football stuff! Wow!)

Unknown said...

I'm soooo glad my kids, including my daughter, all played rugby. None of that padding and helmets, etc.

Rugby boots, rugby socks, shorts and a mouth guard. We got off cheap!!

BTW, did you buy a mouth guard for Donny and an athletic supporter ...errrr ...cup or whatever they're called over here?

Mom2FiveBratz said...

I cant get my skater boys to play football, although my daughter is dying to.
I didnt know academy sold go-carts! Im so there. (been looking for one for ages)

Emily said...

LAUGHING LAUGHING LAUGHING! It just takes a blogger to whip out a camera in a public restroom and take a photo. Classic! You go RHEA.

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Holy cow, you spent a small fortune at Academy!

And I love that you documented your entire trip! And, if my hair were long enough and I could braid, I would do the pigtails, too!

Cristin said...

Ya. That sounds expensive... I'm pretty sure mine isn't the football type... I hope... oh man I hope....

Anonymous said...

It's all about the helmet - take a crossword to the 'games'.

Indy said...

Love the photos and the pigtails. Can't believe you are taking a picture while on the toilet. Made for a cool shot.

Jeff B said...

Dedicated blogger or just plain nuts...there's a fine line there ya know! Bwahahahaha

Donny looks like he's ready to kick some tail and take names.

I can't believe I missed the mystry photos, Arrrrgh!!!

Chatterness said...

Girlie...u are soooooo good with pics and words!! Love the blue toes! Donny-bear is gonna have a screaming, yelling, mama in the stands....with blue toenails!!

Anonymous said...

The only thing I had to buy was cleats this year, oh and cups....LOL

Kelly said...

Football is an expensive sport!! I had no idea.
I love that you took pictures of yourself in the bathroom!! You know your stall-mates stayed in their stalls until you had had them scared!!

Trooper Thorn said...

Equipment is one of the most fun parts about playing sports. Football and hockey have the best gear.

At least it looks like the bathrooms were clean.

Thanks for you comments about the underage Chinese gymnasts.

Mama Dawg said...

I feel like that every August when school starts. I know it's not the same as a rite of passage like playing football for the first time, but it still chokes me up.

carrhop said...

Your trips to Academy are far more photographically significant than mine--I'm gonna have to remedy that!

Love the ceiling tile/mirror revelation--oh yeah--I'll be checking now too!

Found you through SITS and am loving perusing your posts!


Ann Harrison said...

Oh Rhea!
I've seen your beautiful face and bright pink cowboy hat at others comments, however, here I am now due to your glorious SITS day.
I can't believe that I haven't visited you before.
I think your blog is terrific!