Sunday, August 31, 2008

Coffee Beans Mid-Air

First things first.

The Texas Longhorns played football last night and won. Woohoo! Texas Fight!

Now, today, I had to run some errands, including the grocery store.
With the boys & my dad.

We only needed a few items, so we weren't there long.
But, as I'm headed down an aisle,
out of the corner of my eye,
I see a coffee bean go flying through the air.
And giggles.
Boyish giggles.

My kids are at it again.

On the coffee aisle, you can find whole beans left in the the filter of the grinding machine thingy.

And my boys rescue those abandoned beans to use as weapons against each other, pummeling them through the air, behind my back.

But, I caught them at it and lost my cool.

And, they lost their "good grocery store reward" where they get quarters to buy goodies at the front of the store machines when we're done.

Bad boys.

Another coffee bean flying through the air (aka: a surprise out of nowhere) came in the form of a new grill!

An early Christmas gift for the family.
From Home Depot.

I took out the third row of seats in my car and folded up the second seat...and was amazed by how much room I had! (also amazed by the amount of crumbs and dog hair I'd accumulated!)

And now the grill has a new home, in our backyard.
And we're going to use it for the first time today.
If you hear in the news about an explosion in Texas,
well, that'd be us, I bet.

Wish us luck.


Justine said...

Too funny about the coffee beans, but boys will be boys! And the grill is fab. Ours is old, rusty and disgusting. I won't go anywhere near it... Jimmy has to light it for me.

And speaking of things flying through the air. Last night I was laying in bed watching John Edward, Cross Country and all of a sudden saw something go flying across my room, and then heard a little splat. I looked up at my bedroom door and there was a little tree frog stuck to it. It was sooooooo cute, but I had to chase it all over the family room before I caught it for good. Peed and shit on me too!

Justine :o )

Skeller said...

Good luck!!! And congrats! I hope you love your new toy :-)

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard of any explosions in TX, so I assume things are working out with the new grill.:-) As I read your description of the coffee bean incident, it brought back memories of when I used to take three girls to the store. Funny story.

sassy stephanie said...

Pretty new grill. Great weekend for it!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

I used to make Michael take the girls with him to the store but they were always so bad he started refusing. Now they refuse because they always end up in so much trouble.

And the cool! Michael won a grill that we had in storage for a while...but now it's here on the deck. But I have no clue as to how to do anything on it.

Cristin said...

Our grill just died last week... it looked kinda like your new one... Enjoy it!! We'll be getting a shiny new one for next summer!

Jen said...

That is a beautiful grill. I hope you have fun using it. I guess in Texas, there is no end to grilling season, huh?

And I know it was naughty, but the flying coffee bean is really kinda funny and creative.

S Club Mama said...

thanks so much for stopping by my blog; your comment was so kind.

And congrats on your team winning! Although I'm a Husker fan through and through, I can appreciate the zeal others have for their teams, too. :)

Utter Basketcase said...

haha you're a good mummy!!

If it were me I probably would have joined in with the coffee throwing!

I have alot to learn! *GiGGLeS* xx

Valarie Lea said...

And in other news, a Mother was caught in the cross fire of a coffee bean battle at the local market, full story at 10:00

the mama bird diaries said...

My daughter loves to stick her face into the huge coffee bean bins to smell the beans...

Briana said...

LOL about the coffee beans.
Love the grill! Makes me jealous. I'm coming to your place for a cookout!

Meg said...

Oh gosh! Thats hilarious about the coffee beans! Nice grill!

Anonymous said...

so excited for football season. Go Buckeyes! (and 'Horns. I can root for them, since they're not part of the Big 10!)

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

You know, you can put dang near anything on a grill and it will taste fantastic. I love grilled food!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Very nice something yummy for us!

Stephanie Carper said...

Hook em Horns!!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Yay to the new grill. Awesome!!!! I am the griller in the fam so I love this stuff!!!!! Hope you're enjoying your labor day weekend!!!

Lula! said...

Please grill me some ribs. That's all I'm askin'. And I want a Lone Star with them, too.

Angie's Spot said...

Congrats on your new grill and the Longhorns win! My girls haven't yet discovered ways to torture me at the grocery store yet. That is unless you include throwing screaming tantrums, which I've already covered.