Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Whimsical Weathervanes

Over Thanksgiving, the boys and I, my grandmother, and my sister (who flew in from California)  visited my mom and stepfather in their new home in Leesburg, Virginia.

The day before Thanksgiving, we all went hiking in Red Rock Park.

This awesome park had some pre-Civil War ruins
and tons of trails through the woods leading to a scenic Potomac overlook!

My younger son made his great-grandmother a walking stick,
and my older son helped her up and down steep inclines.

I love seeing my loved ones all together, working as a family should.

After our hike, we ate lunch at Clydes Willow Creek Farm,
in an old barn that was built in 1885.

Once a home for milking cows and horse stalls,
Clydes is now a dining room filled with whimsical weathervanes.

A mermaid weathervane.

and an angel weathervane

We took the tour and saw some crazy bars too,
one with this gigantic golden cricket
(real gold-plated and it's tongue is sticking out! I think there's a story there ...)

and a jockey

and so much more I didn't have time to photograph!

I tried not to think about the creepy figurehead looming over our table as we ate.
She was from a shipwreck off the coast of Nantucket.

Have you ever encountered Whimsical Weathervanes?

If you could have a weathervane on top of your house,
what shape or form would you like it to be?

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