Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Want a Cow for Christmas

(photo source: Wikipedia Commons)

Driving my children to school this morning, 
I heard a story on NPR about dairy cows: 
Milk Producers Peer Over the Dairy Cliff. 

The dairy farmer they were interviewing made a comment about how the feed for the cow was more expensive that the end product ... the milk. 

Did you know that the government sets the milk price?
I didn't.

And, apparently, if a new farm bill doesn't pass through Congress, 
milk could rise to $6-$8 a gallon!

So, I told my boys that we were going to have to buy a dairy cow.
That way we could have our own milk in the backyard.

But, my older son, who had been listening to the radio with me, 
reminded me that feeding the cow was the most expensive part. 

Oh, right.

But, he had a solution!

"Mama, we can feed the cow Ramen Noodles."


(I wonder if our apartment complex requires a pet deposit for a dairy cow?)


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Kisha Jaggers said...

I blogged about this today too. I think its crazy and our 2 gallon milk habit a week is going to go way down if I have to start paying $8 a gallon. Its absolutely ridiculous!