Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Being Dead is No Excuse

Once a week we have family dinner at my grandmother's house.
And by family, I mean, me and my boys, 
my mother and her husband, 
my elderly father 
and my grandmother.

And one week, I saw this book on my grandmother's counter:

Apparently polishing silver can be classified as "grief therapy
and, quite frankly, no one eats better than a bereaved southerner.  

I'm not sure whther to be amused...or horrified!
Well ok, I'm amused.
Because if you can't find humor in things, life is just painful and boring!!

Have you thought about what kind of funeral you want?
I know several people who are so claustrophobic that they do NOT want to be buried, but instead cremated. 

I love the idea of a New Orleans Funeral parade with jazz music, dancing and umbrella waving.  

Wow, this post is getting way too morbid. 

I found another book by this author called

Looks hilarious.


Unknown said...

Those look like great books.

I want my funeral to be a fun little thing, with plenty of ham sandwiches and orange jello with carrots in it for lunch following the services.

Anonymous said...

I was on board all the way until the umbrella waving. It rains too much here.

Sharlene T. said...

I'll go for the fun funeral... wouldn't want to depress anyone...