Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Joy of Toys

I have a Christmas Eve tradition of taking the boys to a toy store to pick out gifts for each other.

The last two years we've spent Christmas in Austin, so their favorite toy store choice has been Toy Joy.

They carry things like Convert To Judaism Breath Spray, Jesus Bandages, 
Hannukah rubber ducks and lots of other crazy toys.

They carry everything goofy and funny.  
Bulging eyeball glasses, owl keychains, peanut erasers, Ugly dolls, etc.

This was something new I'd never seen before:

Japanese Imported Radioactive Rainbow Children!

Did you see anything strange this Christmas?
Any bizarre gifts given or received?


AfterGirl said...

I love, love, love Toy Joy!!!

Belle said...

Someone put my mother's name on a Christmas Tree for the Poor at a local store. She got a lovely bunch of gifts at her front door. My mother is not poor. We are flying down to see my sisters, she goes the the casino and she has more clothes and food than I do. We thought it was very funny!

Unknown said...

Wow.... Loving those Japanese babies... I wonder if I can get those around here... I need a present for the 13 year old girl for tomorrow and that would be awesome ;)