Monday, January 11, 2010

Gorgeous Women, Missing Dignity.

I love reality shows.
And every other year or so, I catch a season of The Bachelor.
Last week was the beginning of a new season.

And I'm horrified.

These women are DESPERATE.
Seriously desperate.

Where is their dignity?!
Where is their pride?!

They were gorgeous.

But they were already talking about loving him...they JUST met him.

They were already talking about marriage and having babies with him.


Yes, he's totally hot.  I get that.

But, I don't get the craziness.
I don't get it.

Women were in tears THE FIRST NIGHT.

Maybe I'm feeling cynical because I'm going through a divorce.

Please, Women, show some dignity!

Do you watch any reality shows?
What's your favorite?

I LOVE The Amazing Race and Survivor.


Melanie said...

I sometimes watch this one, I can't remember what it's called. That just tells you how often I watch it. The wives trade places, managing/filling in at the other one's home.

As far as The Bachelor, I don't watch this one, but isn't their some kind of price tag involved here? I don't think these women or the bachelor for that matter are in love. I think perhaps they are "in love" with the money and the fame that goes with the show. Just my oppinion.

I love your blog and look forward to reading more.

Kisma said...

I used to watch The Bachelor and like you, found myself being cynical. The way the woman behaved was embarrassing.

As for reality T/V, I love What Not to Wear.... always have.

Cristin said...

I can't watch the Bachelor, those vapid women vying for a perfect stranger.... just can't do it.

I do LOVE me some American Idol, and this year with ELLEN... oooh, getting goosebumps just thinking about it... I LURVE Ellen.

Ash said...

Maybe they felt like they knew him since he was one of the dramatically rejected bachelors from The Bachelorette last season?

Seriously, I cannot believe I know that.

But I'll still watch even though he looks like he's been "carved out of cream cheese."

I can miss the Bachelor, and I'd be OK, but don't get in my way when America's Next Top Model is on - LOVE me some ANTM.

Maureen said...

I refuse to watch the Bachlor for that reason. Being a Marine, seeing women who can't fend for themselves and depend on a man... Yeah... It makes me wanna slap the girls upside the head and scream, "GET A F*ING CLUE!"

But favorite shows? Hmmm... I don't watch any reality show on a regular basis but I love watching Project Runway when I can catch it on tv.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

I don't watch the Batchelor. I can't. It makes me squeamish. I just can't believe that women act like that. Especially the thing I read about the landing strip. Ewww. These women are not there for a relationship. They might like the idea of one. But not really. They are after fame. Fortune. Fifteen minutes. It's yucky.

Now...Survivor...that I love.

AfterGirl said...

Biggest Loser, it's like a train wreck! I just can't help it.

Susie said...

I don't really like reality shows but especially the dating shows. It just is so lowest common demoninator to me.

Ms.Sheila said...

I find the women on The Bachelor embarrassing....on too many levels to mention. However, if they had presented themselves with classy dignity from the onset, they probably wouldn't be on the show.

IA said...

Haha..I agree with what you said about the Bachelor this these women are pretty low on the self-esteem radar! I enjoy So You Think You Can Dance and I will watch American Idol :) I also like the Biggest Loser to see how much they change and how much the contestents keep off!

Angela said...

I think I stopped watching the Bachelor the season the man from Austin was on. I just can't anymore...everything just got so ridiculous!

My very favorite reality show is The Amazing Race. I like to dream about maybe one day going on and conquering all of my fears (like heights, and flying) and just kicking butt! I don't even care if I win any money. I also like The Biggest Loser. I like anything that gives people self-worth and self-esteem. THAT'S good TV.

Anonymous said...

I don' watch TV and I have turned it off for good. Yet I find myself better informed than most people I talk to, and I do talk to lot of people because of my work etc.

Bachlor and shows of its ilk are a disgrace to the American audience. It's exploitation of women, plain and simple. These women are crying perhaps because they want to make it dramatic for the TV and stay on the show. The whole concept of women whoring around in skimpy clothes and bikinis is appalling to me. And I am a man and do like women.. go figure. Maybe it's a small number of people that actually do stuff like that in real life (or maybe I am wrong on that account based on the popularity of these shows) but it shows how our society's morals have degraded and have disappeared over the last few years and in a hurry.

We can always blame al-kaida for it though.

Shannon said...

I've watched about every other season of The Bachelor... if I happen to catch it and get sucked in, I'll watch. But I haven't seen this new one yet.

Haven't seen American Idol since the 3rd or 4th season. I can't watch that show anymore... Seacrest grates my nerves too much.

The reality shows I'm faithful to are Survivor, The Amazing Race, and So You Think You Can Dance.

Stephanie said...

Bear in mind that this is TV. They may call it a reality show but it’s totally orchestrated. I have to believe that because I can't believe real people act in such a ridiculous manner!

Claire Marie said...

Your feelings toward The Bachelor almost match how I felt about Tool Academy on VH1 (I don't know if you've seen it.) Those beautiful girls are dating complete jerks after they cheat and ignore them and treat them like trash and it made me wonder where their dignity and pride is. It was so sad.

Justine said...

This is the first season of The Bachelor that I've watched in years and I was STUNNED at the behavior of these women. It started the moment the limos pulled up and they were all in there squealing like a bunch of teenagers. I think they need to set a minimum age requirement at 30 and an IQ of at least 100.
Yes, most of them were very pretty. But one? Looked like a man with an ape jaw, and one... looked like Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island!
And that bitch with the jelly beans? She needs to GO.

Justine :o )

Anonymous said...

That's why I stopped watching the Love Contest reality shows until the last couple episodes. By then it is still sort of pathetic to hear how they think this person they met 12 episodes ago is their soulmate, but at least they've had some time by then. It just shows you how the whole extra 1% of us has caused such a shift and imagine connections where there are none.

But actually, looking at this picture, I kinda want to have his babies too. They'd be so preeeeety.

Sicilian said...

I don't enjoy reality shows. I used to love survivor, but stopped watching when Richard started walking around naked. I guess if you call HGTV and Food channel reality shows, I do like those things.
My all time favorite shows are on PBS.
Enjoy your blog.

A 2 Z said...

When you get to be my age....I hate people who say that but it seems I'm at that place now, I personally cant stand this show because it represents everything we fought against. I have 2 daughters that are at the dating stage and its not pretty out there. You have to be skinny, tall, beautiful hair, nice clothes, smart, rich have your own car. Well, then who needs a man. I'm glad I'm not part of 21st century dating game. I would not mind a show based on "cougars" vs that bachelor they are using now. That would definitely turn up the heat. BTW, love your blog!

SEO solutions said...

this women are great. i would marry one of them if they like..

Chantele Cross-Jones said...

Huge amazing race fan, but its hard to get in the uk so I watch it on youtube. Love project runway too

J said...

That's why I hate those shows. Eitehr (a) the people are crazy or (b) the people are too fake...

You aren't that cynical. You're just realistic.

Kelley W. said...

Trust me, it's not the cynicism from your current divorce (which I'm sorry to hear about, by the strong!!). These women are LITERALLY just that crazy and desperate. But if you want some REAL reality trash, catch "The Jersey Shore" on MTV. Classless, fake-tanned, and foul-mouthed. Awesome.

Four Seasons in a Life said...

I personally dislike reality shows because they are not real and it is all a fake act. Having said that, I agree 100% with you, these woman have no dignity because they traded it in for their 15 minutes of fame.

Thank you for sharing this,

Unknown said...

The reason is that they have no self respect... they know what the show is about, and just want the $$$.... it is a sad world when we allow marriage to become that... it is supposed to be something more.... perhaps I am just bitter because I am not allowed to get married...

.:Hugs:. I am sorry about your divorce, I sincerely hope the best for you....

Jason said...

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Ali said...

I agree completely. How is he ever going to find a good one in that batch of psychos???

Southern said...

I just found your blog. and Like you, Yeah they just MET HIM. I watched that show the first time it came out. I realized it must be from a Mans point of view seeing how ONE man is Sourounded by so many women fighting over him like he is a God and they are his Harem! Check out my Blog if you want. just just about Me.

The link is

Missy said...

I don't get it either! But you know, my husband have talked about trying out for a reality show and just making up some outrageous personalities, just for the fun of it. So maybe there is a slight glimmer of hope that some of these women know they are ridiculous and are just doing it as a joke? Maybe?

Unknown said...

Tru out the years, all of those dating shows are just pure crap! Im sorry, but every time i see one i think exact same thing as you!
And its not only the Bachelor, all of those dating shows with one person seeking someone and than there's 20 of those who desperately want him/her? HOw come? In real life it never happens that everyone likes one person so much that they could cry on national tv or just freak out etc etc.

Only reality shows i enjoy are same makeover shows, its always fun to see those, or something full of action or something a bit culutural. I dont know Amazing race is pretty cool, Wife Swap can be fun sometimes.
Anyways i watch Discovery Chanel :D:D

Ashleigh said...

Amazing Race gets my vote...Thank goodness the Armed Forces Channel and CBS let us have it in Spain...A little slice of America and the world...