Thursday, January 7, 2010

Drinking Silver turns you Blue

I have a family member who watches all Oprah and Dr. Oz shows.
And she sent me a bunch of quizzes to take...from those shows.
To see how much health and geography I know.

And I learned a lot from those quizzes...including that drinking silver turns you BLUE.

But this poor man who is blue has found true love...with a Smurf!!
haha just kidding.

Try your hand at these quizzes.
See how much you really know...or don't know.

Also, soaking your feet in tea is a surefire way to get rid of foot odor.

Do you know any helpful tidbits like that?!!


IonnKorr said...

Nice Blog!

Greetings from Greece!

NanU said...

My tidbit is that drinking heavy metals like silver can be far more serious than turning your skin blue. If there's any sign of weak kidneys, just don't!

Maureen said...

If you use a Swiffer wet jet on your floors and have dogs or cat, STOP! Apparently, they can soak up the chemicals in their pads and its really bad for them.

If you mix 1 gal water, 1 quart white vinager, and a few cups of apple vinager, it makes a great mopping solution that takes away oder. Put half water and half vinager in a spray bottle to keep handy for smelly oders.

If you keep an unpeeled onion in a bowl in your house, you won't get the flu! Studies show that the onion attracts and traps the flu virous.

Screwed Up Texan said...

My husband's great grandmother once had a pup suck her breast when her milk hardened inside her. Doctor's orders.

I have heard the onion thing, but it wasnt putting the onion in a bowl of water, it was eating onion any way you can. Same doctor that had great grandma put the pup on her breast also had her eat onions during the great flu pandemic.

I hear chocolate gets rid of onion breath.

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Susie said...

I saw this on Oprah and I thought it was fake:-)

Unknown said...

I saw this on Oprah about 2 yrs ago, it was real!

Jillybuff said...

That is absolutely insane! But awesome.

Hope said...

Several 'old ladies tales' are wonderful - gargling salt water for a sore throat (also snuffling it up your nasal passages for sinus problems - just be careful!) - garlic keeping away vampires (has anyone who wears or eats a lot of garlic have ANYone hanging around them?) - raising one hand high in the air when you have something caught in your throat - and never going to bed angry.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading an article about that guy in People awhile back! Something about taking the silver for his arthritis?!

I rub Vicks VapoRub on my kids' feet and put socks over them when they have a cough (usually before bed.) Someone once told me that it will keep them from coughing all night long. I'm still not sure if it really works that well, but since I value my sleep so much, I will try anything!

James Hutchinson said...

I have heard that drinking beer keeps you from having kidney stones. Sounded great to me. At 28 with a weakness for soda, energy drinks, energy pills, and Bud Light, I have never had a kidney stone. So far the beer has been keeping the swine flu away from not only me, but everyone i know, so i may publish these findings one day.

lc said...

Just discovered you through Blogs of Note. Glad I did. Warmed up a cold Sunday afternoon with heart tugs and laughter.

kidney stone pain said...

Drinking Silver can be very dangerous. Its as bad as drinking mercury. The body can't get rid of heavy metals so they stay in the body causing major organ damage, including BRAIN DAMAGE.
Gargling with salt works because salt has natural antiseptic properties.
Don't know about onion in water for colds and flue, but my dad always used to use an onion when doing any painting inside the house. It takes the smell of the pain away.