Friday, January 22, 2010

Does GOD have bodyguards?

As I took my almost-13-yr-old son to school this morning, we found ourselves behind a car with a vanity plate.  He was excited because he figured out what it meant.
(Oftentimes we can't figure out what someone's trying to say with their license plates.)

Anyway, I asked him, "Do you know where license plates are made?"

He looked perplexed for a minute.

"In prisons!  They have the inmates do it" I said.

His reply?  "Oh, I knew that, I learned that on Fairly Odd Parents."

A cartoon, ya'll.  He learned that on a cartoon.
Good Lord.

Speaking of The Lord...

Do you think God has body guards?
I mean, I would think he might need them, right?


Anonymous said...

Angels. I'm pretty sure angels are God's bodyguards. And, those guys from that CW show Supernatural.

Susie said...

I don't think God needs body guards. He can take anyone:-)

Dee said...

so what does it mean?

Justine said...

The things our kids learn from these stupid shows is amazing.

Have you given up on me? I always visit you and you never visit me anymore. I'm sad!

Justine :o )

wishful nals said...

what a great post! just came across your blog + it's lovely. xo

Kisma said...

Ain't it grand what our kids learn from TV these days.

And I would like to think that GOD could handle himself thus no protection needed. I feel bad for whomever would even think to treaten GOD for any reason.

Keda said...

kids pick up things when you hardly even think they're paying attention. It's amazing. The cute and valid things we like, but i think we all wish they weren't watching some of our badder habits.

As for God... I don't picture him as a movie starlet type that wants everyone to keep away. I think he would rather enjoy people falling over one another to get to Him... for a change...