Thursday, March 31, 2011

Temporary Insanity

I recently had a moment of insanity.  I did something I normally wouldn't.

Now, I'm not one of those people who resents happy people...or hides under the covers on Valentine's Day or complains loudly that it's a day manufactured by the greeting card companies.

But, this Valentine's Day, I stepped out of character and did something a little crazy.

I've always had a boyfriend.  The same one, for most of middle school, high school and then we married. I've never really dated anyone else.  We got married young and have been together ever since.  But, then, a year and a half ago, I left him.  And now I live alone, with my two boys.

And this last V-Day (about a month ago), I gave in to temptation and signed up for an online dating site.

There, I said it.
It's out.
I'm hiding my head, I'm blushing. 

I got on the site, made a profile and looked around at available men...

and haven't been back since.

I'm not ready to date.
I don't need a man.
I NEED to fix myself first.
Get my life in order.
And then maybe I'll find time to date.

I'm not ready.

It was just a moment of temporary insanity.


SharleneT said...

Good for you! It's so important to know that you're not ready to date and not worry about the pressure from everyone else. Online dating is scary. So, if you decide to go ahead, make sure you meet away from your home and for lunch. It's just too easy to lie on those applications.

Knowing yourself is the most important thing. {{{HUGS}}} Come visit when you can.

TexWisGirl said...

Good for you. Take some time for yourself and your boys.

I often wish I'd have taken time to be alone between husbands.

Cozyflier said...

Oh you poor girl, take time for your self. I would not want to be single in today's society for anything! Be careful out there! Best of luck.

Belle said...

Well, I don't blame you. Being lonely is no fun, but it is great you want to work on yourself first.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, guys! I appreciate all the support!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Good friends are often much better than a man :-)

sue said...

Glad to know that your divorce does not seem to have made you bitter. Also good to know you know what you are and are not ready for.

Robin said...

tiny steps....and you've made the first tried something new. There are plenty of options and you have plenty of time.
In the mean time, enjoy being YOU.

jamie @ [kreyv] said...

I say, you go, girl! I think it's okay for you to do something for you. You deserve it! Everyone needs to "work on themselves," and trust me, everyone's life is just as dysfunctional as the next person's! Great blog, thanks for sharing (visiting from SITS)!

SuperMom Blues said...

I was a single mom for a year and a half before I happened upon the man that would become my husband - on myspace of all places!

I don't like dating sites - too much money and some of them have NO CLUE how to match people up! (been there, done that!!)

OneMommy said...

A fit of temporary insanity like that one is what found a friend of mine his wife! LOL. I admit, I've gotten on once since then, just to see what people wrote about themselves.
Happy SITS day!

AdriansCrazyLife said...

Scary! I've been married for 27 years and sometimes just the thought of having to go back into the dating pool gives me the incentive to put up with my husband for at least another year or two. There's just too many crazies out there!