Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Find your happy place

Maybe you're a perpetually peppy person who wakes every morning 
with a bounce in their step and a song on their lips
...but I'm not.

Some days, it's a struggle to just get out of bed.

I have strong motivation though, to get up and get things done, and that's my children.
When I want to burrow under the covers and never come out, I immediately tell myself:

You have to set a good example for your boys.
How are you going to pay bills to house and feed your kids if you don't get up?

This usually works.

But, I have a few backup methods to switch my mood around:

1. Make myself take a shower, wash my hair and brush my teeth - 
it's amazing how much better you feel when you're clean. 
Like you can take on the world.  
However, sometimes even this is too much, if you're really struggling.

2. Get out - 
If getting clean is too hard to take on at the moment, then skip it and try this: 
put on your shoes, your favorite comfy gear and get out of the house.  
Whether you go for a walk or get in the car, 
a change of environment does wonders.

3. Find your happy places.  
For me, the bookstore is a safe haven that comforts me and inspires me.  
I could spend hours and hours there.  
Another place is our local flea market/trade days.  
Give me my camera and let me explore the trade days...
or anywhere outdoors, and I'm content.  
Maybe you prefer antique shopping, or riding horses, 
working out or gardening? 

Do you ever have days like this?
Have you found your happy place?  
What works for you?


TexWisGirl said...

I am grateful to LIVE in my happy place - all I need to do is look outside my window to experience a joy boost. :)

sue said...

Doesn't happen often but when I need a happy place, I just go look for my little poodle, he ALWAYS makes me smile. Wheather he gives me that "I gotta go find Dad" look or decides to help me with whatever is in front of me. Always a smile and usually a chuckle.

SharleneT said...

My happy place is my craft shop. Finally have everything in one place and it's like a little playroom for adults. Being retired helps a lot, too. Come visit when you can.

Dusty Dudley said...

Knitting something simple helps me, especially if I can knit outside by my pool where all the birds show up to sing :-)