Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Science of Timing

Yesterday I participated in a HubSpot webinar hosted by Dan Zarrella, Social Media Scientist.
The topic was The Science of Timing.

24,000 people signed in and listened to learn the best times are to publish blog posts, send emails, or post updates on Twitter for marketing activities.

Here's what I learned:

2-5pm ET is the most retweetable time of the day. 
Tweets are more likely to be read late in the day and later in the week.
Don't be afraid to tweet too much.  Some people have pretty heavy Twitter steams, and you won't show up if you don't tweet often.  An average of 22 tweets a day would be good.
It's OK to link as much as you want to other sites, but don't send out links to your own site too much.

Don't crowd your content.
It's probably best to post every other day.
It's best to post in the morning hours, but weekends are the biggest times for sharing.
People are much more likely to share content on the weekend.

People usually check their email in the morning and early afternoon.
Email gets more attention on the weekend.
It's a good idea to send email very early in the morning.
You can find your most retweetable time by going to TweetWhen

People read blogs more in the morning and during the week.
Know your audience.
The best times to post are probably 10am-11am for page views.
The best time to post for comments is on the weekend.
The more you post, the better, the more views....more than once a day is great.

Find your sweet spot in all these areas. 
Experiment to find the best times for your audience
and then use that timing to make more money. 

Have you ever sat in on an online webinar?
On what subjects?


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this Rhea. I still will post when and where I can, which is never on any schedule. There is no "making money" here, that's for sure. :)

Cozyflier said...

Very interesting! I do it for fun, not money! I notice on my blog, no one reads it on weekends, except the photo journal that is Sat. only! FB seems to get more activity in the morning and evening for me!

I seldom tweet anymore!

But it is interesting what the marketing science of social media think!

Have a great day!