Monday, March 7, 2011

My thoughts about the Kindle

I put one on my wish list for Christmas.
I wasn't sure I really wanted one,
but I thought I'd try it out.

OK, the real reason?
My mom and sister had one,
and I felt left out.
I love electronics and new technology,
and I love books,
so while I had some hesitations about combining the two,
it seemed like something I should check out.

I received the Kindle for Christmas, to my suprise...
and slowly fell in love.

It wasn't a full blown immediate, passionate love affair,
but a slow, kindling kind of fire.
Pun intended.

I personalized it with a cool-looking skin and found a nice purple case to keep it safe,
and it fits in my purse and goes with me everywhere.

I've downloaded free word games...
to further my addiction of word games.

And I can connect to Amazon anytime I want via the Kindle...
to browse books and download the first chapter FREE of any book I want.

The instantaneous access is powerfully addicting.
The cheaper price of new hardbacks and best sellers is extremely gratifying.
I don't have to feel guilty about buying the latest Karen Marie Morning or Kim Harrison novel.

(Amazon hasn't paid or compensated me in any way to write this post!)

Also cool? 
You can loan some books to anyone else with a Kindle. 
And, since my mom and sister have one,
and we all read voraciously, this is awesome...
although not many books are "loanable" yet. 

I have a Kindle App on my iPhone now where I can read any of the books on my Kindle, on my iPhone.  The Kindle and the iPhone share knowledge
and keep track of where I am in a book. 
How smart is that?

I love technology. 
And I love reading. 
And I now love the Kindle.

Have you tried an electronic reading device?
Are you for or against them?
I don't want hard and soft cover books to go away, or bookstores for that matter,
but I love the buying convenience and the ability to store thousands of books on my Kindle.


Angela said...

I got a Barnes & Noble nook several months ago (maybe last summer? man, how time flies) and I love reading on it. At the time, Amazon had just come out with the latest generation kindle and there was a waiting list. I could walk right into the brick and mortar BN and buy the nook, so I did.

But last Friday, my husband turned 30. I got him a kindle. He loves it. And even though I have an ereader too, I'm a little jealous of his. Their capabilities are pretty comparable, but he has access to more books and they're usually cheaper. Not to mention it's a little skinnier than mine.

There's nothing like reading a real book, but I love the convenience of the ereader. And now I don't have to worry about where to store the books once I'm done, or where to sell them or who to give them too. I can keep them forever in one little spot!

SharleneT said...

I was brought to the Kindle, kicking and screaming, and fell in love. I still enjoy physical books but my hands are old and books keep getting heavier.

I've also added the App on my computer from Kindle, so I can synchronize my book on my Kindle, my laptop, and my phone, so it's available wherever I might be. Surprisingly, the phone is the best in the dark and very easy to read. I can make the print large on my laptop and read it sitting back comfortably in a chair. I, too, made a cover for my Kindle (you can it on my blog) that allows me to stand the book up for easy reading while eating that keeps my hands free.

My favorite park is that no one can see what you're reading -- it drives them crazy! heh heh heh

I am such a NOW old lady!

Unknown said...

I went the cheap route and downloaded the kindle app for my droid and i LOVE it. I love being able to pull out my book and read it anytime I want to, I love being able to "carry" more than one book around with me at a time. I love it love it love it!!!!

CrystalChick said...

I'm still living in the Dark Ages... I have a cell phone, but it's an older model and I don't text very much at all. I don't have a laptop either. I'm tied to the desktop in the corner of my living room.

Since I practically live at Barnes and Noble, you'de think I would have their version.. the Nook. But when they moved a whole section of precious books to make room for the Nook display and accessories for them, I was horrified! LOL But I get it. I really do. I just still prefer books.

michael said...

I LOVE the Kindle. I looked at all the e-readers, compared with ipad etc. In the end, I didn't want an lit screen like ipad because it can keep you awake at night. The kindle screen is so much easier to read. I've compared to other readers and can't get the range that I can with Kindle. I really think it is the best.

Bethany said...

This was good to read. I got a Nook as a gift a couple weeks ago and haven't really had time to figure it out all the way yet. I'm stuck on old-fashioned books!

Elsi said...

Welcome to the ranks of Kindle-owners. I bought the first Kindle as soon as I discovered it (ordered during the sold-out period the first December it was out). Last summer, I upgraded to the newest version and passed my K1 down to my daughter-in-law. I still read 3x as many paper books as I do electronic books, having decided that I didn't have to be exclusive to one format or another.

I do keep a book on my cell phone (an ancient BlackBerry that doesn't have Internet access) so that I can sneak in some "stealth reading" from time to time.