Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's Not Easy Being Green...or Maybe It Is

My younger son, Remy, turned 10 years old this week.
We celebrated with family meals, cakes, and lots of balloons and birthday fun.

His great-grandmother gave him some birthday money.
And within two days, he knew exactly what he wanted to spend it on.

Meet Sparky:

Sparky is a Fire-Bellied Frog.
(He looks like a toad with the bumpy skin, but he's a frog with a red belly).
He's slightly toxic.

Remy's school is having Science Week this week...
and that also entails having a Science Store.

With his own money and my permission, he was able to purchase Sparky at school (container and all).
Sparky eats live crickets (good grief).
So, Remy spent all of recess yesterday searching for crickets, found one and fed it to the frog.

Now my older son wants one, so Remy will get another one at school this week to take home and keep Sparky company.

Last year at this time we had rabbits.
Now we have frogs.

The animal adventures continue.

What animal adventures have you had lately? Any odd pets?

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