Thursday, January 19, 2012

It takes a Village

It takes a village to raise my children.

Yesterday was a perfect example of this.

We have to wake up around 5am every morning 
in order to walk out the door around 6am...
to get my oldest son to the high school 
for early morning training.

After school he has more training and working out, 
so he can't take the bus home.
Today my grandmother, his great-grandmother, picked him up 
because I work far, far away in Dallas.

My grandmother also picked up my younger son 
from his after-school care at the elementary school.
And she then took them both to my mom's house,
where she and my grandmother worked to come up with a formal outfit
for my older son for a football banquet.

A football banquet that we just found out about.
That I didn't realize was a formal event or that my son needed to attend.

(yes, OK, I did forget that I'd received a letter about it a while back.)

My mom and grandmother ironed a dress shirt, picked out a tie, found a jacket that fits, ran him home to grab his nice shoes (he somehow ended up with two left footed shoes?! How does that happen?), and had him completely ready by the time I walked in the door around 6pm after my hour-commute home.

All I had to do is drive him back to the high school in time for the football banquet.

The football banquet that lasted almost 3 hours.
On a school night.
Whereas he didn't get to his homework until 10pm.
And we went to bed much too late to wake up again the next morning at 5am.

But, the importance of this entire post is that it seriously takes a village to keep up with my kids.
And I couldn't do it without the help of my mother and grandmother.
They are LIFE savers.

(Isn't he handsome?)

Do you raise your kids all on your own?
How many people does it take to raise your children?

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CrystalChick said...

YES, your son is very handsome!
I did raise my kids as a SAHM. Hubby's parents both worked and even when they were home, they didn't offer too much with babysitting. My NanNan was sickly and died when my daughter was very young and my mom died when my son was only about 2. Private sitters were an option but I made so little money at the few part-time jobs I did occasionally have that it wasn't really worth working so I stayed home with them and we managed on one salary.

It's really great that you have help! I'm sure they love to do it too. :)