Friday, May 6, 2011

I've got a fever & the only prescription is...More Cowbell!

Last night my 14-yr-old had his acting debut through the middle school drama program
called Skits & Skittles in the cafetorium.

The advanced drama students directed their own skits,
and Donny's friend was a director who recruited him to try out.

Donny ended up in the part of Will Farrell from the SNL skit "More Cowbell."

With the price of submission, we received a program, a bag of skittles and voting tokens.

I had no idea my son could dance...well, you need to watch it. 
 It's five minutes long and not the best video quality...but it's funny.

And after the program, each set of actors from the skit ran around with a box trying to get votes.

Their box was a cow...with a bell.

Have you seen this skit before on SNL?
It's hilarious.

The boys did a good job with their version.

And my son...well, you'll have to see those dance moves for yourself.

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