Monday, May 2, 2011

Interview with a Texas Escapee

I've always lived in Texas (minus one month in a convent in Spain...)

My little sister, The Bug, currently lives in California. 
So, I thought it'd be fun to interview her on some of her Texas/California observations.

List 4 Things you miss most about Texas.
1. Breakfast tacos
2. Good iced tea
3. Warm summer nights
4. Sass Dressing
(can't help but notice that I mostly miss food) 

If you could fly in for one weekend, what Texas city would you visit?
Always Austin - if I could add in a side trip to the Hill Country, I would. 

Do Californians comment on your accent?
Not really. I am sometimes given a hard time for all my "y'alls"

 What's are some of the biggest differences between California and Texas?
California is packed full of beautiful places, opportunities, fresh produce, weekend getaways, crowded grocery stores and aggressive drivers.

Texas is delightfully slow-paced, rich on experience and the people are much warmer.

What are some of the biggest stereotypes Californians have about Texas and/or Texans?
Not sure. 

How often do you wear your cowboy boots in California?

A lot, actually. Living in California had made me extra proud of my Texas heritage and my rockin' cowboy boots. I created reasons to wear them. 

Are you worried about "The Big One" hitting?
Not really. Maybe I should. 

If you couldn't live in Texas or California, where else would you like to live?
Outside the U.S. .....Europe or New Zealand.

What about you?
Do you have any Texas or California sterotypes?
Where would you to choose to live if you could live anywhere?

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Angela said...

I just moved out of Texas in January, and I'd been there since 1994. Man, do I MISS it! We moved to the east coast, and everything they say about Texas is true... just hard to see unless you leave.

The people really are genuinely better.
And the food is OUT OF THIS WORLD!
Man, I miss Mexican food.
And the pace of life really is 'delightfully slow.'
I practically have anxiety attacks when I'm around too many people up here -- they're all gogogo, no play, no breaks, very rude and very money-minded.

Texas really is like a whole other country.