Sunday, March 1, 2009

Texas Word Tangle - Mystery Photos

Let's start March out right with some mystery photos!
I love crazy guesses.








I will announce th winner who got the most correct guesses...
and the one with the wildest, most hilarious guesses,
and link to their blogs.


Erika Jean said...

1: sensors on the top of a remote.
2: electric can opener?
3: kitchen sink faucet with plant in background
4: marble?
5: measurement things around a globe.
6: the foot on something antique.
7: Drawer pull

Courtney said...

1- top of the remote
2- kitchenaid standing mixer without the mixer part
4-glass globe
5-notches on clock or globe
6-foot of a coffee table
7-door handle

John Deere Mom said...

1. Front button thingies on a remote
2. Part of a Kitchen-Aid mixer?
3. Faucet
4. Vase
5. globe
6. copper pot foot
7. knob

theUngourmet said...

1. diamonds in a jeweler's tool
2. an electric mixer
3. kitchen faucet
4. wine glass
5. a scale
6. an antique chair leg
7. a dresser knob
8. oh yeah there is no eight

Unknown said...

1. remote sensors at top
2. kitchenaid mixer attachment bit
3. hot kitchen faucet
4. a marble
5. antique scales
6. chair leg
7. a dresser knob

Amy said...

1. remote control end
2. mixer (the inside part)
3. Faucet
4. One of those globe decoration thingies
5. sundial
6. leg/foot of an iron piece of furniture of some sort.
7. a drawer knob

Sprite's Keeper said...

1. Diamond stud keepers
2. Whatever it is, it's obviously broken.
3. Dude, that's kind of phallic..
4. A reflection of a flash.
5. The markers on the axis of our lives.
6. The top of the to-be-polished list.
7. Didn't come up, therefore it is nothing.
I win, yes?

Ritch in Love said...

fun game!
1. remote control sensors
2. kitchen aid mixer: where you attach the attachments
3. Kitchen Faucet Base
4. glass ball to fill a vase?
5. Part of a clock face?
6. Lamp base
7. dresser knob

Justine said...

Okay, here goes nothing. And really, you shouldn't post the answers until you reveal, because a lot of people out there are copy cats!

1. remote control sensor
2. underneath of a pedestal sink
3. kitchen faucet with water slime gunk that you forgot to clean off before snapping a picture.
4. stopper for a decanter
5. part of a really pretty scale?
6. foot of some kind of copper tub
7. psychedelic thread spool. Or a mallet.

Justine :o )

Unknown said...

1 - earrings in a stapler
2 mixer thingamajig
3 faucet
4 your crystal ball
5 sundial
6 leg on an urn
7 belly button ring for Aladdin

Linda said...

1. That's the top of the remote control for your new TV ... it sends those magic laser beams across your living room.
2. KitchenAid stand mixer with nothing attached to the attachment thingy.
3. Kitchen faucet with one of those Christmas cactus plants looking for a drink. Does your plant flower? I can't get mine to flower anymore.
4. That's obviously your crystal ball reflecting your living room, upside down.
5. it's the doo-hicky on a globe. Does it have a name?
6. The leg on a copper plant pot that is developing a really nice patina.
7. A drawer pull, that looks like you could stare in it and become hypnotized.

Cristin said...

Hubby Helped Me.

1: Silver plated Rabbit nuts.
2: Kitchenaid mixer
3: Faucet
4: Your Crystal Ball
5: Scale (what are you measuring anyway?)
6: The foot on an urn holding the ashes of past lovers.
7: You put your WEED in it!

Burfica said...

1. is the top of a remote

2. is the top where the mixing attachment goes on an electric mixer.

3. It's a faucet with a a christmas cactus behind it.

4. I think it's a glass/crystal paperweight

5. A latitude marker off of a globe.

6. a foot on a brass pot or tub

7. A dresser drawer knob

Okay those are my guesses. I'm probably wrong as usual. hahahahaha

Vodka Mom said...

now those are just cool.

Beth said...

Everyone has the same guesses I would make so I'll just say . . . FUN contest!! Can't wait to see what they are!


No idea but those images are fun to ponder!

{visiting from Welcomistas}

Mama Dawg said...

remote control

can opener




brass pot

drawer pull

Anonymous said...

remote control
can opener
magic crystal ball (hehehe)
fleur de lis clock
the leg of a chimenea
drawer handle thingie

PS - Cristin's answers are CRACKING ME UP!

Anonymous said...

I didn't read any comments so you get my first guess.

1. Remote control sensor
2. Mixer- I just had mine out yesterday.
3. Faucet.
4. Marble.
5. A globe.
6. Foot of a plant stand.
7. Drawer pull.

Swirl Girl said...

1) luscious diamond earrings you are awarding to the wrongest commentor (read: me)
2)underside of your stand mixer
3)kitchen sink faucet with Christmas cactus
4)Glenda, the good witch's bubble
6)jardinaire (or fancy word for plant stand)
7)eye of crazed dog from your camera critters blog post.

Unknown said...

1. ?
2. Attachment part of your mixer (I know it well!)
3. Faucet
4. Round vase
5. Clock
6. chair leg
7. Knob on Furniture

Aunt Julie said...

1. The top of the remote.
2. The underside of a stand mixer.
3. A Christmas Cactus as viewed from beyond the sink faucet.
4. A Christmas tree decoration with the reflection of the living room (or whatever room you put your tree in).
5. A sundial in the yard.
6. The hinge on the handle of an old copper kettle/washtub.
7. A kitchen drawer/cabinet knob.

Am I getting any better at this?

Shannon said...

The only one I can guess is #3 (faucet)...

Unknown said...

1 ... 'Take me to your leader..'

2 ... You're thinking of drilling for oil in your backyard?? One of those milkshake machine thingys??

3 ... My imagination is going wild on this one. I really am not sure that it's a faucet. It's got lots of finger prints on it though..

4 ... A gazing ball?

5 ... A fancy smancy scale of some sort?

6 ... A copper plant pot

7 ... The thing you use to hyponotise the boys into behaving???

Jill said...

Bottom of a drain
door knob
bottom of a dresser
a very infected ear canal!