Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Green Eggs and Magnetic Alligator Heads?

Ok, first, I've got to let you know that Tiffany is having an awesome giveaway.


Now, hang in with me.
I have a bit to say.

My 12 yr old decided last night around 9pm was a good time to start his science project.
His project on the Amazon River Dolphin.

He didn't finish by 10pm, so he informed his snoring sweetly slumbering mother
that he was going to bed.

And he finished it in the morning.

It was basically printouts of info he typed up on the computer
and taped onto a poster board.

I told him he needed photos.

Unfortunately, my printer was out of magenta ink, so he was left with a black and white photo. Which made it hard to tell that this special species of dolphins is PINK.

And when I drove him to school, I watched a dad carrying in his daughter's project...
a paper machet whale.

Well, some people are just...overachievers.

When I got home, guess what I found in the kitchen?
His project.


And the gremlins hit our house again.

Our milk turned suspiciously green overnight.

So, I've made green food this week.

It was kind of cool...but also kind of gross looking.

You see those Mardi Gras beads around Remy?
They're really Star Wars Storm Trooper insignia, I was informed.
My children are WAY into Star Wars right now.

And, oh, yes, here's Annie.

Sweet, spoiled Annie who thinks the kids' foam Love Sacs are
her personal dog bed.

(She has her own huge dog bed)

Just when I think my household is a little nuts, I read this story about
Florida where they tape magnets to the alligators' heads
to prevent their internal "homing beacons" from leading them back
to the residential neighbors they keep ending up in.

Do you have gremlins in your household?

Any big school project messes in your home?

Is your pet spoiled?

If you could tape a magnet on your head to keep from going somewhere,
where would you want to be kept away from?


Sally-Ann said...

Do I have gremlins in my house?
Yes, 3-years-old, extremely cute
Any big school project messes in my house?
Depends. How do I get my highly intelligent daughter to take school seriously and realize that it is not good to be flunking 11th grade - big mess
Is your pet spoiled?
Not sure if you can spoil a fish
The magnet question?
Anywhere right now, am enjoying being a recluse

Swirl Girl said...

answer to last question:


Unknown said...

I have only one question - where's the ham? ; )

Burfica said...

I would use a magnet to not go to my inlaws. hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Oh, Annie. Hollis would make those bean bags his throne #2 and #3...anything on the floor that is remotely soft is his territory. Especially piles of dirty/clean laundry.

That pink dolphin looks awesome!

If I could use a magnet to avoid somewhere it would be Target (spend entirely too much money there but somehow end up there like it is a homing beacon or something)!

Unknown said...

I have gremlins - and they're grounded.

We don't have a lot of school projects... much.

No pet... no spoiling.

Hey... I'm having a give away too!! ;)

Linda said...

We have leprechauns that come on St Patrick's Day ... causes all kinds of chaos.

Since we homeschool ... yeah all kinds of projects and messes going on all the time.

And what's the point of having a pet if you can't spoil it I say.

But what I want to know is ... how do you get your pancakes so fat and fluffy? Holy cow those look good!

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

Those pink dolphins are so cute! I hate it when the parents do the project for the kids and make your kid's work pale by comparison.
I'd want the magnet to keep me from going to work!

Skeller said...

You're a total kook. And your boys are soooo lucky to have you. ;-)

Sprite's Keeper said...

Whoa! What kind of dog is Annie? If she was tri-color, I would have called her a beagle! (Very similar to my Blue.)

Amy said...

We just did a science project. You should be thankful your son does his own, my daugther relies on me too much and it drives me INSANE!!

My gremlins leave a mess everywhere, I'd love it if they only colored my food :)

Jen said...

Ah a classic Rhea post. This was just too cool. Jeff wants to make green milk on purpose for St Patti's day. I don't know why, we are not even Irish.

The Blonde Duck said...

I have gremlins, fairies, elves, critters, creatures and talking stuffed animals with a chihuahua as Queen.

Justine said...

Girl, you are such a freak. And what a loser for running out of pink ink. You screwed up his whole project! Mikayla, in that same situation, would have thrown a hissy fit on me!
I don't even want to think back on the paper mache projects Jimmy has done with the girls. Holy messes!

Justine :o )

Mariah said...

Dude-my whole house is one gigantic school project got sour

Anonymous said...

I won't even go into details about how spoiled Trixie and Tails are. But they eat better than my hubby and I do.

Lula! said...

Man...I made green eggs last year and it was an epic fail...they were TERRIBLE. Still don't know what happened.

I read about the pink dolphin yesterday...of course I now want a pink dolphin of my own.

Christina said...

Very cute blog! Found you through Lost and SITS.

Yes, my pets are ridiculously spoiled. I (and they) think they rule my apartment.

And, if I were to tape a magnet on my head to keep from going somewhere, it would be near the fridge/kitchen/pantry. Those tasty cakes are just calling my name!

KG said...

He could have totally just showed the Diego episode about the pink river dolphins. Yes, I have a toddler in my house. *hangs head in shame*

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

Just stopping by to say thanks for coming over the other night to welcome me. I love your blog. It's so cute... so funny... so much like my family! :-)

Screwed Up Texan said...

Whoah! you're pancakes are monsterous!

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

I heart Annie! She is so darned cute!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and welcoming me to SITS!

Have a great weekend!