Thursday, March 26, 2009

Smokin' with the Smarties

My 12-year-old is smart.
A smarty pants.

He's made honor roll, straight A's, this whole year so far.
In fact, I don't feel like he's really being challenged.
Two of his teachers have recommended him for GT testing.

So, I've been filling out forms for testing.
They ask ridiculous questions.

Does he recall and quickly master information?
Does he pursue topics or tasks that interest him?
Does he strive for perfection or is self-critical?
Does he offer unusual, unique, clever responses or products?
Is he sensitive and aware of others' feelings?
Does he display a keen or unique sense of humor?

and so on...

It makes my brain hurt.

I wanted to share with the GT program how entrapenurial is he.
How, he has been taking Smarties to school to sell to kids, selling them for fifty cents a pack.

Did you know that kids are into smoking smartees right now?
Well, they don't really SMOKE them.
They crush them up, then puff them like smoke.
It's weird.

Wikipedia had this to say:

Pop Culture

In 2009 youth began to "smoke smarties". "Smoking smarties" consists of grinding up smarties while still in the wrapper, opening both ends of the pack and then inhaling the dust, much like smoking a cigar. The dust is then tasted in the mouth and released. Or the candy dust can be blown out of the nostrils. Some doctors are concerned that "smoking smarties" could have negative health effects that include infection and allowing maggots to grow in the nasal passages by eating the sugar.

But, apparently they're in high demand.
So, my son recognized this, bought them at the grocery store for a cheap price and is now making money.

I guess you could say he's a dealer.
I don't think the GT program needs to hear about this...

My other ideas for this post title were:

Smartie Pants
My Smartie Pants can smoke your Smartie Pants
Smartie Smokin.


lynette355 said...

it is amazing the ideas kids come up with. yeah he is a smartie pusher. lol took some thought. who would think to crush candy to inhale. odd!

sassy stephanie said...

Man, I have never heard of this. Guess my kids are too young still. The weird things kids do. The weird things we did. The ache in my stomach after reading the comment about maggots. Ew.

Anonymous said...

This is a new one on kid...

Valarie Lea said...

Wow I have never heard this one! We used to take kool-aid and jello powder to school and sell it. :) Also Now-or-Laters were really big when I was little.

Maggots huh?

Teri said...

He's a young entrepreneur. Gotta love his initiative. :-)

Grand Pooba said...

Oh my gosh, I've never heard of smoking smarties!! that's crazy, but look at your son, he saw the chance to make money and jumped on it! 50 cents for smarties that cost like what, 5 cents each? That's one hellofa profit margin!

Your son is going to be quite the business man one day!

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

Eww! Eww! Eww! I heard this on the news last night! Yuck! I hate bugs... and the thought of maggots in my nostrils is disgusting.

But... congrats on the smart kid though. We went through the GT testing also. Some of the questions are so silly. I kept thinking 'why am I answering questions... They are the ones who are smart! Shouldn't you be asking my kids the questions?'

Sprite's Keeper said...

I will never look at Smarties the same way again.
Your son is brilliant, but a pusher? Um, he can easily plead innocence on his behalf for what the kids do with them once the transaction is done.

Unknown said...

Well, I never...smoking smarties ..whatever next !! :-)

Must ask the kids at school, when we go back from spring break, if they've ever heard of this one..

Susie said...

Are you kidding? They are going to start selling those behind look and key now just life Sudafed!

Jen said...

Really kids are doing this? I just don't get it, I really, really don't.

Swirl Girl said...

out here in CA there are clinics that dispense Smarties with a doctor's prescription.

(not really, but it would be kinda cool )

Shannon said...

Never heard of this!

Roxane said...

WOW what will they think of next?~ The thought of maggots in my nose is making me squirm ewwww

Roxane said...

WOW what will they think of next?~ The thought of maggots in my nose is making me squirm ewwww

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Maggots in the nostrils? Gross! Really gross.

I can't get past the maggots...

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Maggots? I am still quivering...

John Deere Mom said...

Ew. I hated Smarties before...but with the added picture of maggots? Really not enjoying the Smarties right now. But your son? Super Smartie.

Sally-Ann said...

When I hear about things like "smoking smarties", I wonder who in the heck thought - I know, lets crush up the smarties and inhale the dust and then snort it back out through our nose! Yeah, that's it!!
The things that kids think of!!

Screwed Up Texan said...

As always, I'm laughing like no other!

My siblings and I used to sell beads wrapped in toiletpaper in a ziplock bag to classmates. One bead per bag. We actually made $$ doing it too.

Sounds like your son is a smartie!

Justine said...

OMG! You're LETTING him sell them at school? The SCHOOL is letting him sell them at school? ROFLMAO! You've got a smart-ass on your hands for sure!
No snorting the damn Smarties though. How do they not choke?

Justine :o )

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

Maggots up the nose? Seriously???

Anonymous said...

Maggots? Ugg! And that isn't enough to get them to stop?


Live.Love.Eat said...

LOL. Your post title reminds me of that movie with Alicia Silverstone and her friend says "rolling with the homies" at that party. I always loved the way she said that.

Kids these days!!!

Christina said...

Wow, where do kids come up with this stuff? And, why would you want to do that?

Ronnica said...

Maggots? That sounds way worse than any of the side affects of the real drugs!

Mama Dawg said...

I did that in middle school with gum. I'd buy a packs of bubble gum and sell them for a quarter a piece of gum. I racked up.

You have such a Smartie boy!