Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rub a Dub Dub

What is it about showers that make everything better?

They seem to refresh my soul.

When I was on bed rest during my second pregnancy, I was allowed to get up to take shower...
because my blood pressure didn't rise during them.
thank goodness.

My husband takes the longest showers known to man.
My 11 yr old son takes a shower every morning.
My 6 yr old son refuses to bathe at all until I force him into the tub...
but once in, he doesn't want to get out.

I've talked about the bathroom before, about my lack of privacy & our reading material.
So, it seems only natural to share some photos.

Three or four months ago, Texas Homeboy and I had to stop using our shower.
The tiles were buckling and coming off the wall.

So we started taking showers in our boys' bathroom.

Well, this week, our landlord sent the grout guy to work on the shower...

And now, I can take showers in my bathroom again!

Do you prefer showers or baths?
I prefer showers.

Do you do it daily?

Do you have any weird showering habits you're willing to share?
I have to start with my hair and work my way down.
Shaving comes last.
I have to wash everything in threes...just kidding.
Were you paying attention?! hehe

Do you have a shower door or a shower curtain?
You can see my answer in the photo.


Twisted Fencepost said...

Prefer not to discuss it. tee hee
Glad you got your shower back!!

Sally-Ann said...

every day if my 3-year-old gives me 2 seconds to myself!
Not that I care to share and yes, I was paying attention! LOL

Lauren W said...

Most days.
I too must start with my hair and work my way down. I shampoo, then I put my conditioner in, and the last thing I do is rinse out my conditioner. Makes my hair super soft :)

Jen said...

I thought that my hubby was the only man alive the took long showers. I mean when he comes out, he is all wrinkly.

lynette355 said...

Baths baths baths
they hydrate me in my hot flash moments the best
and if I had my claw foot tub installed i would be in it daily.
we have a shower curtain and we change them at least once a year. Currently it is the fishes in the sea there. In the master bath there is a shower stall with a see through aqua blue curtain.
My hubby takes at least 30 min in the shower and sometimes twice a day.

Mama Dawg said...

I take showers and mostly prefer them, but sometimes it's nice to have a bath.

No, I don't shower daily. Every other day. Unless it's really, really cold in the morning. Then I'll hop in for a couple of minutes to warm up.

No weird shower habits. I, too, have to start with my hair and move my way down.

I have a shower curtain.

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Showers for sure. Unless it involves a glass of wine and candles then it's the bath.

I shower just like you. Start from the top!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

If I want to wash...shower. Relax? Bath!

We have a door in our bathroom and a curtain in the guest room.

So glad you are able to enjoy your shower again.

OHmommy said...


I can't remember the last time I showered. I usually bathe while the feenster is occupied with a basket of toys next to my tub. So the baths are relaxing.... but I have my eye on her.

All Things BD said...

We have the same type of bath/shower combo that you do. I reclaimed my bathroom from the kids two months ago and it's been heaven.

However, my husband, in my absence, created a hamster playpen in the front bathtub (DON'T get me started), so now the girls are using my tub again. This is war.

Anonymous said...

I always feel better after a shower. When I'm sick and don't want to get out of bed I take a shower. I feel better bet it also relaxes me so I can go back to bed all clean and comfy.

Definitely showers

Yup. Have to. It's weird. If I haven't taken a shower yet I have no problem going out of the house with messed up hair and sweats but if I take a shower I can't go out until I do my hair and stuff. Wonder why?

Same as you almost. Shampoo hair, condition, while conditioners in I wash and shave then rinse all. Same everyday too. Wonder why?


Lump said...

I prefer showers. I get this weird feeling about baths. I don't like chilling in my own filth. ha.

Yep, I shower everyday. I wash my hair every day too. I heard it's not good to do so, but my hair is damn oily.

I wash my face twice. It's the first and last thing I wash every time.

And I have a shower curtain. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, for me there's not much as relaxing a a long, hot bath with some oils thrown in the water...especially if the kids leave me alone. Having a nice fresh shower is terrific in the morning for me, though. I'm glad you're happy with your newly rehabbed shower!

Linda said...

While I adore a long, hot soak in the tub, that doesn't happen very often. Nor do I have a large tub, so some body part is always sticking out. My dream is for a deep jetted tub. Ahhhh.

Reality ... shower, daily, usually, some days I just don't get around to it. If I go more than a day I feel grumpy and gross.

I have a shower curtain with a liner. But then I was reading about all the nasty chemicals released when you have one of those plastic liners. I'm looking at getting an all-natural fiber liner that you can launder. Another thing to add to my "to do" list.

Unknown said...

We hve a shower over the bath type of set up, with a door.

I usually shower, but love a nice bubble bath a couple of days a week. It's one of my favourite places for reading and I'm usually in there for an hour or so and come out looking like a prune :-)

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

I wish I had a swimming tub. I love to soak in our hot tub...but I don't want to always go outside :-) get clean, I take showers. Daily. If I don't my hair looks like a big grease ball.

I wash my hair. Put on conditioner - and let that sit while I lather and shave.

We have a shower curtain. I am not a big fan of the doors...but we don't have a stand up shower either.

Valarie Lea said...

Shower, don't have abathtup in my bathroom, We got rid of it to make a bigger shower.

Glass door


Liz Harrell said...

Glad your shower is fixed! I'd freak... baths are a no go for me.

Live.Love.Eat said...

You're so funny! No weird habit except I like it very hot to open the pores but then finish with a cold rinse to close them. We used to have a glass door but in a moment of frustration we ripped it out and now have a curtain which is really cool because we know there should be a door there yet all we have to do is slide the curtain a bit and then step into the shower. Baths are great for hubby and I as a prelude to some romancing :)

Swirl Girl said...

showers - hot, hot , hot!

and- I always little smiley faces and stick figures in the steam that fogs up the glass - everyday.

Susie said...

I shower ever day for maintainence and bathe for pleasure:-) We have a curtain. And nothing I do in there is note worthy:-)

KimmyJ said...

Shower daily - but bathe on Sunday nights to prepare for the week ahead.

Unknown said...

The main reason I like a shower is b/c I don't like to rinse my hair with bath water. Is that wierd?

And also, I consider a bath more of a relaxation thing than an actual cleaning thing.

I do shower almost every day and we have a shower door. I think I am a pretty normal "showerer!"

Anonymous said...

I love a bath, but don't get to enjoy one daily. Showers, yes if possible. But admittedly not always possible. I shave while my hair is conditioning. And sometimes I apply a clay mask and stay in the steamy hot water an extra long time to let it do its magic. I'm happy we have a curtain bcuz with doors you need those squeegies. Plus I like the sound the rings make when you pull the curtain across.!

Tabitha Blue said...

Oh, I just love showers.. they really are so refreshing... they can wash off a long day!! Every once in awhile though, i need a nice relaxing bath :)

Lula! said...

I shower for cleanliness. I bathe to read. It's how I read most of "The Eight." And how I'll read most of "The Fire," which I'm starting. Tonight. Woooooooo!

And you should see my first copy of Twilight...that thing has been read in a hot tub, in the ocean, in the bathtub, in the's so waterlogged and well-loved. I wouldn't take a million dollars for it.

Oh please...of course I would. Then we could fly to exotic places (such as Ida-HO) on a regular basis. I'm just sayin'.

Cristin said...

I can't remember the last time I had a bath... only have time for quick showers, and not every day. Thank goodness I don't have to shave often... weird because I'm mostly Italian.. but body hair?? notsomuch...

Pseudo said...

Showers. And here in Hawaii you take at least one, sometimes three. Hot, humid, and sticky.

sassy stephanie said...

I dip in the tub to relax, but don't ever feel clean. I'm a shower freak.

Mariah said...

I'm all about showers. Not daily of course, waste of time and water. :)

My shower secret? We have a few showers in our house, my favorite one is the outside one. Don't know why, I think it is the ivy growing wild around the shower curtain, or maybe that birds drink the water from the curtain. I love my outdoor shower.

Shhh don't tell anyone

Justine said...

Wait. You said you don't take a shower every day? WTF???????? And ooh, love those gold-tone shower doors. heeheeheeeeeeeeee! And hey, your bathroom counter looks just as messy as mine, you slob!

Justine :o )

Karen said...

Showers! So I'm laughing about the threes. Have you seen the Chubb-chubbs? There are some threes there.

Tonya Staab said...

I would prefer to soak in bubbles while sipping some champagne and reading a book ... ahhhh, those were the days I remember them fondly.

1. baths but take showers
2. Ha. Yeh right. No hubby for a year and twin toddlers. Yep, that's easy.
3. I shampoo and while that sits for a few minutes, I wash my face. Then I condition and while that sits for a few moments I wash the rest of me. Once a week, preferably before swimming lesson day I remember to shave. Yay!
4. curtain.

Stepping said...

Bath at night, Shower in the morning.
No shower curtain as my hubby built a large shower that doesn't need a door.

Shelley said...

Yes, except when I'm backpacking, then I take a bath in a lake.
No shower fetishes.
Shower door, double shower. Nice and roomy.
If I took a bath, I'd just fall asleep again.

CrystalChick said...

Wow that is some big bathroom! Cool.
We have a curtain.
I prefer a bath, even in the hot summer... well, if the A/C is on!
Depends on if I have to go out. If not, I'll do every other day. Or atleast wash every day and then pull the ratty hair up before leaving the house. lol

Shannon said...

Showers are to get clean... baths are for relaxing. Unfortunately, its been a looooong time since I've taken a bath.

I shower every other day... but I do have to wash my hair daily.

Shampoo and condition hair... wash and shave while the conditioner is still in... then rinse out the conditioner.

Shower curtain.

Katie said...

Can somebody tell my husband that it's NOT ok to blow a snot rocket down the shower drain? Get a damn tissue and blow your nose.
For this reason alone, I prefer baths (When I have the time to take one in peace)

Monogramchick said...

Great post, as usual Rhea!
Showering/Bathing...the great equalizer.

I like showers, I'm with you I start with my hair and work my way down, letting the conditioner do it's job while I scrub-a-dub-dub.

I have a shower curtain on both sides b/c the house we're renting has a ball and claw tub set out from the wall, and I h-a-t-e when the shower curtain "blows" in and touches me when I'm showering. Odd, I know.

Misty DawnS said...

I prefer showers, unless the Fibro is really bad, then I need to soak in a hot tub.

I also start with my hair and work my way down. hehe

We have a shower door for now, but if... I mean when the bathroom is finished, we will just have a tub with a shower head in it, so then I will need to get a curtain ;-)

angela | the painted house said...

Showers, twice a day. It's my thinking spot. Baths are good for winter warm-ups and chatting with my hubby.

We bought our house from a vet and I swear the shower head is some heavyduty horse shower. Talk about power! I can't even hear the kids talking in the bathroom.

Glad you got your shower back!

WheresMyAngels said...

I only take a bath when shaving my woohoo, as I have to lay down to get to it good!! hee hee TMI I know. I take a shower EVERYDAY, even on the rare days (only a few times a year) I shave the woohoo.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

I.Am.Caught.Up!!!!! I have already commented here. Yippee...

Just another 111 posts to read...